CommonTime Enables Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices with Lotus Notes

10 August 2005, Derby, UK -- CommonTime has announced that its mNotes™ version 4 software is ready to mobilize Lotus Notes devices designed to run Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

CommonTime believes that the Smartphone and PDAs will continue to build on their success and popularity with enterprise users. To date over 40 device-makers are shipping innovative Windows Mobile-based products with 68 mobile operators in 48 countries.

Designed to be user-friendly, easily managed and quick to deploy by IT personnel, the latest edition of mNotes version 4 will allow Smartphone and PDA users or IT administrators to deploy Lotus Notes applications on their devices.

"In the past five years, there's been a profound shift in the kind of data and services people access on their mobile devices -- from multimedia to business applications," Bill Gates said. "Windows Mobile 5.0 enables our industry partners to develop exciting new hardware designs and solutions that will revolutionize how customers use mobile devices."

“Mobile work forces are becoming the norm in many corporations around the world. As such, these businesses require mobile computing solutions which are secure, dependable, and as cost effective as possible. We can provide this and more with mNotes v4,” commented Nigel Mackrill, CEO of CommonTime.

“mNotes v4 provides Lotus Notes users with the customary reliability and quality now synonymous with CommonTime and this, together with the improved email push technology, allows us to provide a first class product to our customers,” added Nigel.

You can evaluate mNotes version 4, free of charge, for 30 days at

For further information regarding CommonTime, its products and services, please visit or call +44 1332 368500.

About CommonTime

CommonTime enhances organizations’ competitive edge by allowing focus on business tasks rather than technology. CommonTime’s mSuite™ solution supports connected or wireless environments, maximizing mobility benefits for enterprises, mobile operators and device manufacturers; and includes cradle sync e-mail/PIM, wireless push e-mail/PIM, rapid application development, security (over-the-air and on-device), and centralized management of mobile applications, people, PDAs, and Smartphones underpinned by the CommonTime Mobility Framework. For more information, visit

The CommonTime Mobility Framework

The CommonTime Mobility Framework is a single mobility infrastructure that adds enterprise robustness, scalability, optimization and management control of the mSuite components, at no cost. All CommonTime solutions plug into the CommonTime Mobility Framework

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