DTM Soft Releases DTM Data Generator

New automatic data generator can create gigabytes of data for database testing and QA

August 24, 2005 -- DTM Data Generator is an indispensable tool for large scale database testing and QA. It quickly and automatically generates scores of test data records to specified parameters, saving countless hours (or even days) otherwise spent entering and tweaking the data manually. The program produces "realistic" test data any time it's needed. Since its introduction a year ago, DTM's software developers received over 400 e-mails with suggestions, a good portion of which have been implemented in this new version.

One of the most valuable features of DTM Data Generator is its ability to recognize foreign keys. The program also comes with a Rules Wizard, which goes beyond creating test data by mask; it allows database developers and administrators to generate vast amounts of data, specifying parameters of each table and setting the order in which tables appear. Furthermore, the program recognizes check constraints for common DBMSs, such as SQL Server, which are taken into account when creating test data.

A single data pack created with DTM Data Generator may contain multiple tables, each with its own rules, value range, and parameters. In addition, the program is capable of creating SQL statements for any operation.

DTM Data Generator is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free demo version is available at http://www.sqledit.com/dg for evaluation; a time-limited trial version is available upon request.

DTM Soft specializes in developing database processing and reporting utilities that are simple and efficient. DTM Data Generator is the latest addition to the company's database processing software product line, which includes DTM SQL editor, DTM Schema Reporter, and DTM Migration Kit. More information about these products can be found at http://www.sqledit.com/products.html.

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