Parasoft WebKing 5 Adds Security Testing Module to Automated Functional and Load-Testing Capabilities

New release delivers integrated tool suite for comprehensive testing of Web applications without need for scripting

August 30, 2005 -- Monrovia, Calif. -- Parasoft Corporation, a leading provider of automated error-prevention solutions, announced today the release of WebKing 5 which extends its automated Web application testing capabilities with the addition of a security testing module and extensions to its automated test case-generation capabilities. Parasoft WebKing is used worldwide to automate critical Web verification practices including static analysis, functional testing, regression testing, and load testing.

With its security testing module, Parasoft WebKing 5 can now automatically perform "hacker-like" attack scenarios to determine an application's vulnerability to many common and devastating types of Web security attacks, including SQL and parameter injections, cross-site scripting, broken authentication and session management, buffer overflows, broken-access control, improper error handling, and denial of service. By analyzing the access to the Web application through the Web interface, the WebKing 5 security module determines what kind of attacks are most likely to be performed and generate test cases to simulate them. Since WebKing interacts through the interface of the running Web application, it can test the security of any Web-enabled application regardless of the server-side implementation.

In addition to the new security module, WebKing 5 provides key enhancements to its automated functional and load testing capabilities making it even easier to undertake the testing of complex Web applications and generate comprehensive test scenarios without the need to script. Among these new capabilities are:

  • The improved recording of critical paths for test case generation that will now use dynamically changing data and allow full customization and extension of test cases.

  • The automated configuration of functional tests that will only test important page differences.

  • The extension of load testing capabilities to provide flexible external data source feeds, allow customization of test scenarios dynamically during testing, and capture and report extended system performance and network information from Windows and SNMP monitors.


Parasoft WebKing 5 is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, and Solaris. Pricing starts at $3,995. The WebKing 5 security testing module is separately licensed.

About WebKing

Parasoft WebKing is a comprehensive Web testing product that improves the functionality, security, performance, reliability, accessibility, and presentation of Web applications. To verify functionality, WebKing allows users to record critical user click paths by following them in a browser, then it automatically configures and executes functional/regression tests that verify paths and page contents while ignoring insignificant differences. To verify security, WebKing automates security static analysis and penetration testing to determine whether the application is vulnerable to Web security attacks and to verify that the organization's security policy is implemented and operating properly. For more information visit

About Parasoft

Parasoft is the leading provider of innovative solutions for automated software test and analysis and the establishment of software error prevention practices as an integrated part of the software development lifecycle. For more information visit

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