Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2 Improves Extraction, Categorization, and Search Indexing

Text analytics platform is the most powerful, complete information discovery solution available

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 13 -- Inxight(R) Software, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, today announced the general availability of Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server(TM) 4.2, offering faster, more flexible and accurate extraction, categorization, and search indexing capabilities.

SmartDiscovery Analysis Server allows users to:

  • Classify unstructured data into well-organized subject-level taxonomies, providing an intuitive and powerful alternative to simplistic keyword searches across all data sources, regardless of location, language or format.

  • Extract the most relevant entities contained inside unstructured data -- people, places, companies, dates and events -- and interact with them to locate the information most relevant to your needs.

  • Identify the relationships and links between people, organizations, and other entities inside unstructured data sets.

  • Retrieve relevant search results, even with one-word queries, and interact with search results in a manner that provides the most direct path from search to discovery.

SmartDiscovery Analysis Server interacts and integrates with existing enterprise environments such as portals, intranets, content management systems, and e-mail applications. This provides for easy deployment and a compelling return on previous IT investments by allowing the information assets stored in these systems to be used more effectively.

Only SmartDiscovery provides the complete solution for enterprise information discovery, which includes:

  • Entity extraction

  • Fact extraction

  • Document categorization and taxonomy management

  • Search and summarization

  • Enterprise integration adapters

Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server processes documents in all major languages, including English, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese, understanding them on a deep linguistic level. By indexing, classifying, summarizing and extracting all relevant concepts, people, companies, products, dates, places, events and more, the SmartDiscovery analytics platform empowers users to better understand information in electronic text -- enhancing drug discovery, business intelligence, media monitoring, CRM, search and retrieval and other knowledge-centric activities.

Highlights of SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2

  • Faster, More Flexible Extraction: Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server(TM) 4.2 now includes the proven power of Inxight's ThingFinder(R) Advanced product, a new module allowing users to extend entity extraction to pattern-based entity types not supported out of the box. Using ThingFinder Advanced, users can define custom entity types as patterns of tokens in regular expression syntax, enriched with word stems and part-of-speech tags. This makes it possible to extract information such as internal part numbers, docket numbers, chemical compounds, and other specialized entities.

  • Counterterrorism Entity Pack for English: In addition to Inxight's rich out-of-the-box detection of more than 25 different entities (people, places, companies, etc.) and custom list-based entities in electronic text, the ThingFinder Advanced service in SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2 now makes available various entity types designed for counterterrorism and law enforcement, including weapons, geographical coordinates, vehicles, and facilities.

  • Enhancements to Document Categorization, Search, Administration, and Adapter Modules: SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2 speeds document coding, query and request processing, and improves relevancy ranking, among other enhancements.

"Inxight SmartDiscovery has allowed SmartBrief to both lower our production costs and also launch new product offerings," said Chris McNeilly, SmartBrief vice president of software. "As content aggregators, our editors use Inxight's Taxonomy and Categorization to quickly identify the top 10 to 15 industry specific stories to run each day for the industries we cover. Our internal study revealed that we have reduced our editors' search time by more than 40 percent, and increased our source coverage by a factor of ten."

For More Information

Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server 4.2 is generally available now. For more information, please visit , or e-mail or call +1-408-738-6200 or toll-free 1-888-414-4949.

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