Global DataGuard Introduces Groundbreaking Security Risk Management Solution for Truly Proactive Network Security

New SRM solution from a proven network security innovator arms organizations with more complete protection, cost savings, and ability to preemptively avoid network attacks

DALLAS, TX -- September 26th, 2005 -- Global DataGuard, a premier provider of security risk management (SRM) solutions for midsize to large organizations, today announced it is rolling out a fully integrated, groundbreaking suite of new SRM solutions that enable organizations to immediately and economically understand where their networks are vulnerable, who’s trying to attack them and what they can do to prevent network security problems.

Global DataGuard’s intelligent, out-of-the-box ESP 3000 solution consists of integrated layers of security technologies that together provide unmatched risk management: IDS, IPS, behavioral analysis, event and global threat correlation, vulnerability scanning, vendor alerts, an asset database, and a security dashboard. Each layer complements and augments the others, with intelligent behavioral analysis and correlation capabilities comprising the GDG difference. The result is early warnings of threats other solutions cannot see; far fewer false positives; cost savings, more thorough compliance and the ability to manage security solutions with one console.

What sets the Global DataGuard SRM solution apart is its ability to learn behaviors and adapt to an organization’s changing network so that it can detect both internal and external threats. It collects more data over longer periods and, thanks to patent-pending technology, can correlate a scan one day with a probe weeks later, automatically and accurately determining if they’re part of a malicious attack plan.

“You can tell this is where network security is going, because other vendors are starting to claim they offer what we have,” said Scott Paly, Global DataGuard’s co-founder and CEO. “But when you look under the hood, you see real differences. We’re the only company we know of whose solution is truly integrated -- others are just cobbling together point solutions. It’s like they’re saying: 'Here’s a bucket of parts, now go build your car.' We say, 'Why not just get the complete car from us?’ It’s far easier, it works a lot better, and in the end it’s far less expensive.”

“But the real difference,” Paly said, “is that we give organizations the power to be proactive instead of reactive. Our solution is the one that spots threats ahead of time, so you can avoid problems rather than just react to them after the damage is done. To be able to do that, you need real intelligence built into your solution. That’s our difference -- that and the fact that as a company, we’re a known, proven quantity.”

Global DataGuard’s ESP 3000 solution includes the following:

  • Master Control Unit, a browser-based monitoring console, signature server, cluster manager and Web server with plug-and-play installation containing the custom Web portal housing all the reports and graphs for the appliance suite.

  • Detection and Prevention Module, which employs signature IDS/IPS, Snort® or Dragon® technology, deep-packet inspection of layers 1 - 7, and tunable signatures on a 24/7 basis along with an intelligent packet inspection and capture system that selects suspicious packets for further behavioral analysis.

  • Vulnerability Scanner Module, which provides regular security scans, integrated and correlated with data and alerts from the other appliances, and extensive research capabilities.

  • Behavioral Correlation Module, which houses the patent-pending behavioral analysis and correlation tools that make GDG’s solutions more thorough and preemptive. It identifies reconnaissance activity; resource violations; abuse of privileges; misuse of corporate assets; unknown attacks; and zero-day attacks.

  • Security Dashboard Module, which provides immediate single-source access to all threat data, including a single, instant view of prioritized security threats and the underlying data that created them. The SDM identifies threats by correlating data from multiple security, network, and server sources including behavioral alerts from packet data analysis, signature IDS alerts, vulnerability scans against assets, and global alerts. It also instantly displays the most critical network threats and determines the best path for remediation, and gathers the data for forensic reporting.

“The beauty of our dashboard is there’s no need to spend time attempting to integrate complex SIM software with third-party security products - and then spend even more time implementing thousands of SIM correlation rules,” said Michael Stute, Global DataGuard’s co-founder and CTO. “Our Security Dashboard Module allows your staff to be more efficient, and to focus on more strategic issues.”

“On-Demand” Managed Security Services

In addition to the all-new SRM solution series, Global DataGuard also offers “on-demand” managed security services, allowing organizations to decide when internal resources are responsible for network security and when they’d prefer that GDG handle it. These services can be activated directly through Global DataGuard’s SRM solutions and are available in any configuration, from 24/7/365 to hourly.

About Global DataGuard

Global DataGuard is a premier provider of security risk management (SRM) solutions for midsize-to-enterprise organizations. Global DataGuard’s intelligent, out-of-the-box integrated SRM system includes packet analysis, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, adaptive behavioral analysis, vulnerability scanning, vendor alerts, correlation systems, an asset database and a security dashboard to provide preemptive remediation information. For information on Global DataGuard’s solutions and services, go to

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