Symantec Releases Backup Exec 10d

Delivers continuous data protection

NEW YORK -- September 27, 2005 -- Symantec Corporation today announced Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers software including the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server. The software solution eliminates backup windows, delivers the industry’s first Web-based end user file retrieval functionality and offers one complete disk-to-disk-to-tape data protection solution. “Designed for Disk,” Backup Exec 10d further delivers the gold standard in Windows data protection by continuously protecting data in real-time. In June 2005, Symantec issued a public beta of Backup Exec 10d (code named “Panther”) and to date has garnered more than 15,000 downloads of the software.

Traditional backups must be done during a specific window of time and involves a combination of full, incremental and differential tape backups, which can be complex and costly to manage. Today, with the pure disk technology of Backup Exec 10d, including the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, files are protected continuously. Simplifying management and freeing IT resources, block-level file changes are automatically captured and protected. Utilizing disk-based data protection methods, data backups and restores are faster and allow for simultaneous backup of multiple servers.

Many organizations -- from banks to airlines to stock brokers -- are empowering their users with self-service options through Web-based applications. Similarly, Backup Exec 10d through the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server allows end users to recover lost, corrupted, or overwritten files through a standard, easy-to-use Web browser. In addition, data retrieved utilizing the Web browser is protected by Windows security. By enabling end users to retrieve their own files without IT intervention, IT resources can focus on business critical needs in the organization. Additionally, data is stored on disk for easy retrieval, without the need to locate, load or restore backup tapes.

Complete Data Protection: Just Add Data

Built on more than a decade of market-leading technology, Backup Exec 10d enables IT organizations to utilize a combination of disk and tape methods for all their backup needs. With support for continuous disk-based data protection, disk staging, and traditional tape-based backup, Backup Exec 10d protects all critical files, databases, and applications. Additionally, Backup Exec 10d simplifies management through integrated monitoring, allowing administrators to view backup job status and alerts.

“The introduction of Backup Exec 10d, including the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, provides customers the simplicity of coming to one source for all their data protection needs,” said Jeremy Burton, senior vice president, data management group, Symantec Corporation. “We also improve productivity by allowing for retrieval of files through a simple Web browser interface. This allows IT to devote resources and time to business critical needs and empowers end users to retrieve files immediately.”

Today, Symantec also announced Backup Exec 10d for Small Business Servers and Backup Exec 9.2 for NetWare, further expanding the breadth of data protection technologies to small business and NetWare environments. In addition, the company unveiled Symantec LiveState Recovery 6.0, robust bare metal system recovery, allowing IT organizations to restore systems anytime, from anywhere, to any device.

Pricing and Availability

Symantec Backup Exec 10d and the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server are scheduled to be generally available on October 10, 2005. Pricing for Backup Exec 10d starts at an estimated $795 USD. The Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server is included at no additional cost with Backup Exec 10d. A Continuous Protection Agent is required for each file server being protected. The Continuous Protection Agent will be available for $295 USD. A Continuous Protection Starter Pack including Backup Exec 10d, the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server and three Continuous Protection Agents will be available for an estimated $995 USD.

About Symantec

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