Intellitactics Delivers Security Assurance Metrics on Executive Dashboard

New York, NY, October 19, 2005 -- Intellitactics launched Intellitactics(TM) SAM to address the immediate need expressed by IT and security managers who need authentic metrics to characterize and communicate security effectiveness to executives and stakeholders. The executive dashboard is a configurable and intuitive communication vehicle for delivering these metrics. The security assurance metrics™, displayed on Intellitactics’ new dashboard, are designed to answer the question that executives and stakeholders ask everyday: “Are we secure?”

Using this rich graphical interface eliminates communication barriers that often exist between security practitioners, functional managers, and executives. Intellitactics SAM provides security operations with the metrics and the vehicle they need to remind stakeholders that it’s safe to conduct business, to garner support for current and future security investments, and to reinforce behaviors that keep the enterprise safe and call attention to behaviors that put the enterprise at risk.

"You can’t manage what you can’t measure," commented Scott Crawford, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates, "yet the management of security has long been hampered by the lack of metrics that enable security managers to prioritize limited resources and measure the effectiveness of their efforts. With the introduction of Security Assurance Metrics, Intellitactics takes a significant step toward closing this gap, with actionable indicators of specific aspects of enterprise security, as well as composite metrics that effectively communicate the context of the total security posture -- context that has a significant impact on identifying and establishing security and compliance priorities."

SAM puts diverse data from many information sources into an understandable business context. This not only provides better decision support but also provides a way for everyone to understand the rationale for security programs and practices and their impact on managing risk. SAM is a component of the Intellitactics™ Security Manager suite that combines security information and event management with the alert scoring that generates more actionable alerts, which strengthen operational efficiency and security effectiveness.

SAM delivers relevant metrics to executives and business stakeholders who need to know that risk management policies are keeping information confidential, financial transactions safe, and the infrastructure available for the business of the company or agency.

Security Assurance Metrics

Intellitactics SAM displays security assurance metrics™ comprised of measures generated by Security Manager and other data sources. This organic library of metrics is delivered with the product and provides users with unlimited access to new metrics that can be downloaded from the web-accessible Metrics Gallery. These practical metrics are developed in cooperation with and used by companies worldwide to characterize the state of enterprise security. By using these practical metrics, users can:

  • Showcase how effectively controls are working

  • Demonstrate opportunities for improvement or for changing behavior

  • Remind stakeholders that new threats demand continued vigilance

  • Garner support for current and ongoing investment

Fast, Confident Decision Support

Security assurance metrics from Intellitactics SAM create a complete picture of enterprise security and provide the context required for executive decision-making. Metrics provide trend analysis by comparing point-in-time measures to previous time periods as well as compute averages, then compare to enterprise specific data to illustrate effectiveness over time. Armed with this kind of analysis users can act quickly to:

  • Prioritize the allocation of resources to where they will have the greatest impact

  • Identify areas of high and low performance against targets across the enterprise

  • Measure and communicate the progress of security initiatives compared to goals

Multiple, Configurable Views of Enterprise Security

Intellitactics SAM provides extensible dashboard templates that can be used to easily create multiple views of the secure enterprise based on physical location, business unit or domain interest. Each dashboard template stored in the library is easily configured with any number of metrics that are dynamically updated to provide relevant and appropriate information to each recipient.

Product Features

Key features include:

  • Intuitive navigation – users can easily move between enterprise view and specific business unit or physical location views; between summary and detail

  • Configurable thresholds: aligns metrics with specific enterprise policies and easily defined targets

  • Rich repository of measures: Security Manager’s Security Data Warehouse provides access to hundreds of measures that provide the building blocks of assurance metrics

  • Drill-down capabilities: configurable, role-based dashboard with drill-down capabilities

  • Metrics Library and Gallery: Intellitactics SAM comes with a rich library of metrics, with new metrics made available through the online gallery provided on the Intellitactics website

  • Dashboard templates: system administrators can easily create dashboards for multiple users that display metrics and information relevant and appropriate to their roles

Scalability and Reliability

Intellitactics SAM relies on the unparalleled performance and capacity of Security Manager’s Security Data Warehouse, which in turn manages the metrics store facilitating immediate access to metrics and other measures that can be used to build additional metrics. Security Manager is a comprehensive security management solution for security operations and corporate risk officers that combines security event management with security information management to increase the effectiveness of security operations in stopping attacks and responding to incidents in order to protect the enterprise. Security Manager integrates several applications that consolidate security events, generate and rank actionable security alerts and provide compliance reports to validate controls that enforce policy.

Pricing and Availability

Intellitactics SAM starts at $35,000 and begins shipping early November of 2005.

About Intellitactics, Inc.

Intellitactics provides a premier security information and event management solution used by security analysts, security operations, and corporate risk officers in the largest, most challenging environments in the Global 3000 and mission-sensitive government agencies. For more information, visit

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