SANRAD Ships Global Data Replication and Recovery Solution

Enables cost-effective remote replication for complete data protection

SAN FRANCISCO -- December 7, 2005 -- SANRAD Incorporated, a leader in developing and delivering intelligent iSCSI SAN solutions, today announced the general availability of its iSCSI-based Global Data Replication and Recovery solution built around the company’s award-winning V-Switch to deliver simple remote replication for comprehensive data protection.

SANRAD’s Global Data Replication and Recovery solution is a turnkey hardware-software package combining the iSCSI V-Switch and the company’s embedded StoragePro™ software. Data is replicated between any primary site to one or more secondary sites over standard copper or optical IP networks. Both one-to-one and many-to-one replication operations are supported, allowing organizations with multiple satellite offices to replicate data to a central data center.

StoragePro software supports both continuous synchronous and asynchronous replication to remote sites with ensured data consistency for every application, including data caching on the V-Switch. The Global Data Replication and Recovery solution includes the ability to automate failover and fallback between primary and secondary sites that help minimize Recovery Time Objective.

“The ability to quickly recover from a man-made or natural disaster is of primary concern for many organizations looking to safeguard their business critical information,” said Zophar Santé, SANRAD vice president of market development. “But quite often IT executives have found themselves unable to implement a comprehensive solution due to the cost and complexity of traditional DR solutions. Our Global Data Replication and Recovery solution enables companies to utilize IP SANs to deploy cost-effective remote replication for complete data protection and site recovery.”

SANRAD Global Data Replication and Recovery for V-Switch introduces network-based data replication and site recovery over any IP LAN, MAN or WAN providing data continuity and workflow continuance for any business and organization.

SANRAD provides the flexibility to use any type of heterogeneous storage as part of a Global Data Replication deployment; storage systems used at the primary site and remote site do not need to be the same brand or type. IT managers can incorporate any type of disk storage -- Fibre Channel, SCSI, SATA or ATA drives and arrays with Fibre Channel or SCSI connectivity -- based on their precise requirements.


SANRAD is a leading iSCSI SAN provider, delivering intelligence at the network layer, empowering hundreds of organizations worldwide to effectively access, share, and manage storage across standard Ethernet environments. For more information, visit

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