Blue Lane Expands PatchPoint Family of Inline Patch Proxy Systems

New combined appliance with enhanced functionality, supports european language application versions

CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 19, 2005--Blue Lane(TM) Technologies Inc., provider of the industry's first inline patch proxy for enterprise servers, today announced Release 2.1 of the PatchPoint(TM) System, a new entry level solution to its PatchPoint product family. With the new release, the PatchPoint Local Manager has been added, which provides the ability to deploy a single, self-managed Gateway for the protection of up to 30 servers without requiring the purchase of an additional management appliance, thereby simplifying an initial PatchPoint system deployment.

The PatchPoint System provides system administrators with a network-based alternative to the software vendor's patch, eliminating all ad hoc server patching. When software vendors release a patch for their operating systems, databases and enterprise applications, Blue Lane supplies a corresponding ActiveFix(TM) for the PatchPoint System that checks for the same conditions and performs the same corrective action, inline. Considerably faster and easier to deploy than the software patch, an ActiveFix can protect hundreds of servers in an instant and requires no specialized application expertise. Having zero footprint on the servers, the PatchPoint System requires no server configuration changes and eliminates application breakage caused by software patches.

"The increased adoption of Blue Lane's inline patch proxy demonstrates the market's need for a solution to problems associated with unscheduled vendor patches," said Fred Kost, vice president of marketing at Blue Lane. "This product release responds to early customer feedback and provides smaller enterprise environments with an entry-level inline patch proxy solution."

Key features in Release 2.1 include:

  • Introduction of the PatchPoint Local Manager, providing the ability to deploy a single, self-managed Gateway appliance

  • Additional application coverage: Blue Lane continues to fulfill customer demand by providing ActiveFixes for the world's leading server platforms and applications including: Red Hat Advanced Server, Enterprise Server and Workstation versions 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0; Solaris versions 7 and 10, supporting Kerberos, GDM, OpenSSL and Apache

  • The PatchPoint System has been tested and verified to work with all European versions of operating systems, databases and other enterprise server applications currently supported by Blue Lane

  • Offline updates enable customers in isolated networks to quickly and easily update the PatchPoint System without requiring any physical connection to an outside network

  • Server asset discovery including passive monitoring, where unprotected servers on the network are automatically discovered, and authenticated server discovery

  • Support for multiple network segments on the PatchPoint G/450 appliance to increase the installation flexibility in meshed, redundant environments

About Blue Lane Technologies Inc.

Blue Lane provides the industry's first inline patch proxy for enterprise servers that fixes application-specific vulnerabilities at the root cause by checking for the same conditions and applying the same corrective action as the software vendor security patch. Solving the dilemma of "patch now or patch later," the PatchPoint system instantly secures critical applications and preserves the uptime of the business while eliminating the cost and risks associated with unscheduled patching. For more information, contact the company at

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