SCO Announces MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6

Company partners with MySQL AB to deliver powerful, high-performance, low-cost database solutions, support services, and certified software for SCO OpenServer 6 customers

NEW YORK, January 16 -- The SCO Group, Inc. ("SCO"), a leading provider of UNIX(R) software technology for distributed, embedded, and network-based systems, today announced the availability of MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6. With this commercial MySQL offering, customers and channel partners can now benefit from a high-performance, low-cost, easy-to-manage solutions platform.

The combination of MySQL Network and SCO OpenServer 6 allows customer solutions to scale out across distributed and networked systems environments. MySQL Network is a comprehensive, cost-effective subscription offering that provides modern businesses with everything they need to successfully develop and deploy ANSI-SQL database solutions with MySQL. It includes access to certified MySQL software (certified binaries), updates and upgrades, proactive alerts and advisors, the online MySQL knowledgebase, and full production-level technical support.

"SCO OpenServer 6 and MySQL Network Edition provide a complete, certified, and fully tested solution for customers running mission-critical database applications in their business," said Tim Negris, senior vice president of marketing, The SCO Group, Inc. "SCO OpenServer 6 customers who utilize this new MySQL offering can now develop and deploy enterprise-grade software applications supported by an extremely powerful and scalable database solution."

"We are seeing tremendous uptake in MySQL adoption across the enterprise, and SCO is very well known and used extensively in the SMB and retail markets," said Mark Burton, executive vice president of worldwide sales for MySQL AB. "MySQL Network is the perfect database solution for these SCO OpenServer customers looking to build and manage low-cost distributed business systems-without sacrificing reliability or speed."

MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6 includes:

  • Premier Enterprise-Class Production Support: High-level, fast responses directly from the developers of MySQL software

  • Certified Software: The certified binaries for SCO OpenServer 6 have been rigorously platform tested and authorized as reliable and ready for business-critical production use

  • MySQL Knowledge Base: A centralized library of hundreds of technical articles written by MySQL's own developers and support staff; this searchable collection provides quick resolution to many issues, as well as troubleshooting, performance tips, and best practices

  • MySQL Update Advisor: An automated message system that will alert customers of new and relevant MySQL certified software for their environment; the Update Advisor can also assist developers and database administrators with the installation and upgrade process; alerts are available via e-mail, pager, or SMS messages and the complete list of updates and alerts can also be viewed using a standard Web browser

  • Technical Alert Advisor: The Technical Alert system notifies customers about issues related to their specific computing environment before they may adversely affect their applications; also completely customizable, these bulletins cover such issues as operating system security vulnerabilities, new features, performance enhancements, and important Knowledge Base articles

Pricing and Availability

MySQL software is currently available from SCO resellers throughout the world, offering SCO OpenServer customers a single point of contact. SCO will include a trial subscription to the MySQL Network enterprise database service with each new copy of SCO OpenServer 6-and offer the fully certified release of MySQL 5.0 Network subscriptions through its reseller channel in mid-to-late February 2006.

SCO offers a number of support levels for MySQL Network.

Customers interested in subscribing to MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6 can contact a SCO sales representative at 1-800-SCO-UNIX (1-800-726-8649) or your local SCO reseller and visit An open source community edition of MySQL 5.0 for SCO OpenServer 6 is also available for download from the MySQL Web site at: To find a local SCO reseller in your area, visit

About SCO

The SCO Group is a leading provider of UNIX software technology for distributed, embedded, and network-based systems, offering SCO OpenServer for small to medium business, UnixWare for enterprise applications, and Me Inc. for digital network services. For more information on SCO products and services, visit

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