PrismTech Releases OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition v1.0

Delivers Java to the world of real-time distributed object computing

Munich, Germany -- 17 January, 2006 -- PrismTech, a leading provider of productivity tools and middleware, today announced the v1.0 GA release of its OpenFusion® RTOrb Java™ Edition product. The latest in PrismTech’s range of high quality, highly optimized Object Request Brokers (ORBs), OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition brings the benefits of distributed real-time CORBA® middleware to the real-time Java world.

Java technology delivers many benefits to its users including: write-once run anywhere portability, ease of use, and security. However, Java technology has not been available to the real-time development community until very recently. This situation has been redressed by the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) which extends the Java programming language to the real-time domain, creating an architecture in which hard-real-time (HRT), soft-real-time (SRT), and non-real-time processes can coexist. The recent emergence of industrial strength implementations of the specification, such as Sun Microsystem’s Java™ Real-Time System 1.0, has for the first time empowered the developers of real-time applications with the benefits of Java technology.

Distributed middleware conforming to the Object Management Group’s (OMG™) language-neutral CORBA specification is well established as a technology for integrating diverse systems and is used extensively for mission and business critical applications in many industry sectors such as defense, telecommunications, and manufacturing. With the publication of the Real-time CORBA Specification, the OMG extended the benefits of CORBA to the real-time domain. The standard addresses the issues of end-to-end predictability across CORBA systems and provides a solution in terms of priority control, synchronization and resource control. PrismTech is a market leader in providing real-time CORBA products to sectors including defense, aerospace, telecommunications, data communications and manufacturing.

OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition is PrismTech’s new real-time CORBA-compliant ORB for the RTSJ. Based on a product core that has been tried and tested in demanding applications in both the military and commercial sectors, its architecture supports full CORBA operations.

The architecture of OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition is open, flexible and highly performant. Unlike many real-time ORBs, OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition includes comprehensive enterprise level functionality. It is therefore uniquely positioned to provide a unified solution for different needs and uses, supporting both hard real-time systems and enterprise applications in a single ORB.

The GA v1.0 release of OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition supports the following features:

  • CORBA 3.0 ORB

  • Support for RT CORBA v1.2

  • CORBA Object Services

  • RT JVM – Sun Java Real-Time System v1.0

  • JDK 1.4

  • ORB interoperability including TAO and JacORB

Further information about OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition is available from PrismTech’s Web site at

To coincide with the GA v1.0 release announcement, PrismTech will also be introducing training classes for the OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition and associated RTSJ technologies For further information on the training classes, please send e-mail to

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