Ingrian Releases Cryptographic Tool for Highly Scalable Batch Processing

PCI mandate fuels demand for high volume credit card encryption

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- February 13, 2006 -- Ingrian® Networks, Inc., a leading provider of data privacy solutions, today announced new, high-performance cryptographic capabilities for its DataSecure® platforms. The new tool, called the ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Load) Utility is ideal for enterprises encrypting and decrypting large amounts of data -- processing typical in large-scale credit card processing environments.

Today, retail merchants, payment processors, and financial institutions must guard against data thefts and validate compliance with credit card association data-security guidelines such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. To do so, these companies need to encrypt credit card data in applications and databases. Yet when this data is encrypted, high-volume processing power is required to perform such activities as credit card clearance, system backups, and reporting.

“Many of our customers routinely run batch processes on their databases, which can include account information for hundreds of thousands or even millions of cardholders,” said Michael Petitti, senior vice president of AmbironTrustWave. “This may create a significant burden, especially if cryptographic processing takes place on the database server. Because it features a dedicated cryptographic appliance, DataSecure platforms offload this processing from servers. In addition, with the new ETL Utility, the process of encrypting large quantities of sensitive information is further streamlined and throughput is increased dramatically.”

Ingrian’s new ETL Utility enables organizations to quickly and efficiently encrypt and decrypt large volumes of data in flat files, supporting a wide variety of delimited and fixed position file formats. The ETL Utility enables customers to:

  • Achieve performance levels of over 45,000 encryptions/decryptions per second with a single DataSecure appliance and near linear scalability when adding additional appliances (more than 100,000 encryptions/decryptions per second can be achieved with three DataSecure appliances)

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing ETL processes, regardless of where the sensitive data is ultimately stored

  • Encrypt sensitive data within flat files by reading information in the clear from an input file and writing it encrypted to an output file

  • Decrypt sensitive data within flat files by reading encrypted information from an input file and writing it in the clear to an output file

“Today’s typical enterprise stores large quantities of sensitive data, including employee information, financial statements, and customer data,” said Karim Toubba, vice president of product management and corporate strategy at Ingrian Networks. “Our DataSecure platforms ensure enterprises can secure this sensitive data, comply with new legislation, and take the pain out of encryption. Because we offer the capabilities to select specific fields or columns to encrypt and to quickly perform the encryption or decryption -- even in large-scale batch processing environments -- Ingrian offers the most efficient, robust way to implement encryption in an enterprise.”

DataSecure platforms with the ETL Utility are available now, and pricing starts at $32,500. For more information, contact or visit

About DataSecure Platforms

Ingrian DataSecure platforms provide an intelligent, cost-effective way to protect critical data from both internal and external threats. Featuring dedicated hardware appliances and patent-pending cryptography software, Ingrian’s solutions deliver capabilities for granular encryption, seamless integration, and centralized security management.

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Ingrian Networks brings complete data privacy to the enterprise. With Ingrian DataSecure platforms, organizations can protect critical data from both internal and external threats, and ensure compliance with legislative and policy mandates for security. DataSecure features a dedicated security appliance and specialized software that enables organizations to encrypt critical data in applications and databases. For more information, visit

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