Kapow Technologies Announces Web Integration Platform Version 6.0

Latest release sets a new standard for ease of enterprise-level portlet creation and content population in portals, as well as support for new Web 2.0 technologies

Palo Alto, CA -- February 13, 2006 -- Kapow Technologies today announced the general availability of version 6.0 of its Web Integration platform. The new release uniquely offers enterprise-level Web application integration through new advanced clipping capabilities, as well as Web 2.0-type integration leveraging Web services, XML, SOAP, REST, and other standards.

Over the past few years, the Kapow Web Integration Platform has become a new integration standard among Internet-intensive businesses in the areas of media, financial services, travel, and manufacturing because of its unique ability to integrate any resource accessible via the Web. Version 6.0 makes Web integration even easier, with the following functionality to create a rich-Internet or portal-based solution:

  • Enterprise-class visual clipping platform: the ability to visually define and generate portlets in as little as a few minutes; includes component clipping (the ability to clip different independent and interconnected sections of any given Web application and automatically generate a portlet) and full-site clipping (the ability to continuously clip full Web sites including support for frames, pop-up screens, and JavaScript, and quickly define HTML elements that should appear in -- or disappear from -- the clip)

  • Integration capabilities using new “Web 2.0” technologies, such as consuming and producing Web services and integration using SOAP, XML and REST

These capabilities compliment the ability to continuously migrate any content into a content management repository, delivering both an application and an information-rich Internet solution.

According to Glenn Hasen, CEO of Kapow Technologies, “The Kapow platform now offers advanced Web clipping capabilities, combined with new Web-integration standards support, which provides limitless integration project possibilities for our customers. Whether companies want to create mashups, combine leading enterprise applications into new Web resources, or collect, remix, and publish Internet content in specific ways, we are certain that Kapow Technologies offers the most efficient and cost-effective choice in the industry today.”

A test license can be downloaded from http://www.kapowtech.com.

About Kapow Technologies:

Kapow Technologies is a leader in Web integration, a new paradigm that uses the broadly available Web front-end to integrate any application or information that is browser accessible. The Kapow Web Integration Platform uniquely enables flexible and instant integration of content, data, and applications that serve mobile devices, portals, content management systems and databases. The platform includes an intuitive visual design environment that simplifies integration and speeds project delivery, offering faster and better results than seen in traditional integration approaches. For more information: http://www.kapowtech.com.

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