IS Decisions Releases SweepDeployer -- Freeware Remotely Detects and Eradicates Malware

SweepDeployer can remotely execute on an entire network (or a selection of systems) Microsoft® Malicious Software Removal Tool, McAfee® AVERT Stinger, or Trend Micro® Damage Cleanup Engine

Biarritz, March 13th, 2006 -- Viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware represent a hazardous and escalating phenomenon to all IT users. According to the latest Federal Bureau of Investigations Survey (2005 FBI Computer Crime Survey):

  • Nearly 90% of organizations worldwide have been victims of IT security incidents in 2005

  • Twenty percent of them were subjected to 20 or more attacks

  • Viruses (83.7%) and spyware (79.5%) are the most common threats

Sophos, the antivirus editor, reports that 15,907 new, intentionally hostile programs were identified between January and November 2005 (against 10,724 for the same period in 2004 --a 48% increase), and that every 44th e-mail has viral content (this ratio can increase to every twelfth e-mail when large scale attacks are launched)

SweepDeployer®: A Simple, Efficient, and Free Solution

To help network administrators, IS Decisions, the French software editor providing security and management solutions for Microsoft® Windows® networks, has just released SweepDeployer.

With SweepDeployer, detection and eradication of malware on an entire network can be done in minutes and without requiring any agents or manual intervention on targeted systems.

The steps are easy:

  1. Install SweepDeployer on any Windows® system present on the network (server or workstation)

  2. Select the tool to use (Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, McAfee AVERT Stinger, or Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Engine)

  3. Download the latest version of the selected tool

  4. Choose the systems on which malware are to be detected and removed 5. Launch the execution of the chosen tool, remotely and in one pass

  5. It is even possible to schedule SweepDeployer to automatically run the selected tool at regular intervals and avoid any recurring contamination

SweepDeployer is based on RemoteExec® technology, a software solution edited by IS Decisions. RemoteExec®, a universal application deployer for Microsoft® Windows® systems, allows administrators to install all file and application types, on all servers and workstations, remotely. Version 4.0 has just been released.

Using RemoteExec® and without leaving your desk you can:

  • Install patches, service packs and hotfixes.

  • Add, modify, or delete registry keys/values

  • Install Windows Installer packages

  • Run applications, programs and scripts

  • Copy files and folders

  • “Cleanly” close down user sessions

  • Launch a general shutdown

  • Send alerts to users or display messages

Full details are available on IS Decisions’ Web site:

SweepDeployer can be downloaded for free at:

About IS Decisions

IS Decisions conceives, develops, and markets worldwide software to audit, monitor, and secure Microsoft Windows networks.

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