Sunopsis Active Integration Platform Unifies Integration of Data, Events, and Services

Sunopsis Active Integration Hub automates diverse integration requirements using a single, business-rules-based model

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- March 13, 2006 -- Sunopsis, a technology innovator in the data and application integration market, today introduced a new version of its Active Integration Platform (AIP), a comprehensive, integrated set of products designed to address multiple data and application integration needs. New features in the Application Integration Platform V4.1 allow organizations to automate the processes required to create a single, unified, and consistent view of enterprise data and applications.

“Products such as the Active Integration Platform speak to a need within organizations to rationalize and standardize not just technology but also people and processes around information integration, “ said Eric Rogge, VP and research director at Ventana Research. “While event and data integration traditionally have been separate disciplines, we are going to see overlap and potentially even a combination of these technologies as organizations demand greater IT agility and reuse.”

The Active Integration Platform consists of three products:

  • Sunopsis Data Conductor: Designed to handle high volume data integration requirements related to data warehousing, business intelligence, business performance management and data migration initiatives

  • Sunopsis Event Conductor: Designed to handle asynchronous application integration requirements in event driven architectures

  • Sunopsis Service Conductor: Designed to handle synchronous application integration in Service Oriented Architectures

The core of the Active Integration Platform is Sunopsis’ Active Integration Hub (AIH) -- a persistent data and event database designed to capture and consolidate all data and business events contained in all systems linked by the Active Integration Platform. Synchronized bidirectionally and in real time with all databases and applications, the AIH allows companies to have a stable, up-to-date, and consolidated view of all databases and applications in their information system. The AIH is used as the basis for all integration processes, regardless of their orientation -- data, events, or services.

The two major features in V4.1 of the Active Integration Platform allow users to automate the processes required to create and deploy the Active Integration Hub:

  • Common Format Designer (CFD): The CFD is used to quickly design and create a data structure (data model) for the AIH. This data model is most efficiently created from assembling and reusing metadata elements from the data models of the production systems.

  • Automatic Interface Generation: After designing the AIH’s structure, Sunopsis Active Integration Platform automatically generates the data interfaces that are used to move and synchronize data between the AIH and the production systems.

The latest release also provides seamless integration with 280 adapters from iWay Software, further enhancing the Application Integration Platform’s ability to allow organizations to access and integrate data from additional systems such as ERP applications and e-business systems. Sunopsis is reselling the iWay adapters through a reseller agreement signed in the fall of 2005.

Traditionally, organizations have addressed their diverse integration needs with a broad palette of tools and technologies, resulting in disjointed, often-abandoned integration projects. “Creating a single, unified view of enterprise wide data and applications is a complex problem,” said Yves de Montcheuil, director of product marketing at Sunopsis. “Not only are there broad disparities in data structures and application functionality, there are also fundamental differences in integration architectures. To achieve a unified view, companies must be able to integrate data (often large data volumes), events, and services, and must be able to support asynchronous and synchronous requirements. With the Active Integration Platform, and the new functionality of the Active Integration Hub, unified integration can now be achieved easily and affordably.”

Sunopsis Active Integration Platform also leverages the following key benefits of Sunopsis’ products:

  • Enhanced productivity and a short learning curve: The business-rules-driven approach is shared throughout the Active Integration Platform, regardless of the data, event, or service orientation of each integration mechanism. With a common-use model and shared user interfaces throughout the platform, the learning curve is shortened and the productivity is dramatically increased.

  • Shared, reusable metadata: with a single metadata repository fully integrated with all components of the Active Integration Platform, the consistency of the integration processes is guaranteed. The repository also promotes the reusability of business rules for data transformation and data validation across processes.

Pricing and Availability:

Version 4.1 of Sunopsis’ Active integration Platform is available immediately. Pricing for the complete platform starts at $130,000.

About Sunopsis

Sunopsis empowers companies to improve business responsiveness by placing the right data at the right place and at the right time. The company’s next-generation data and application integration products allow organizations to efficiently manage and share data from disparate sources without the complexity and cost of traditional integration solutions.

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