CollabNet Subversion On Demand for the Enterprise Announced

Subversion open source project founder brings enterprise functionality to leading version control system to enable global software development and collaboration

BRISBANE, Calif. -- April 18, 2006 -- CollabNet, a leading provider of on demand distributed software development solutions, today announced its new offering, CollabNet® Subversion(TM) On Demand for the enterprise. The solution provides the infrastructure and services large enterprises need to reliably and easily deploy the Subversion open source, version control system to hundreds of users within global, software development teams. With the cost and service benefits of an on demand model, CollabNet Subversion On Demand allows Global 2000 companies to safely apply open source practices in the enterprise for more effective distributed software development.

"Globalization, outsourcing, and the desire to leverage open source technologies have made distributed software development teams a reality," said Bill Portelli, president and CEO of CollabNet. "It is now harder for enterprises to deliver high-quality software projects on time and on budget. With the on-demand model, our enterprise customers can scale and improve the efficiency of their development process with little cost and effort when compared to traditional LAN based development tools and delivery models. We've been securely offering on demand solutions to large enterprises for years now and have proven the model works for large development teams with thousands of users."

CollabNet Subversion On Demand is the most complete, Subversion-related, enterprise offering delivered in the on-demand model or as a Web-based, managed service. The solution provides distributed development teams with an easy-to-access, low-cost, version control system that can quickly scale for enterprise-wide adoption. CollabNet Subversion On Demand reduces the security risks of unmanaged Subversion(TM) adoption and lowers the cost of managing large deployments by offering enterprise-class security, maintenance and operational services.

Key features of Subversion On Demand include:

  • Enhanced Subversion(TM) capabilities including a Web-based user administration module rather than administration performed at the command line

  • Project workspace, communication, and collaboration tools specifically built for development teams that complement stand-alone Subversion(TM)

  • An on-demand delivery model that lowers the cost and increases the speed of Subversion(TM) deployments

Drawing upon years of experience managing Subversion-based systems for thousands of enterprise users, CollabNet also offers a unique set of enterprise-class training, support and consulting services that are available with both CollabNet Subversion On Demand and Subversion deployed as a stand-alone system. Based on their specific needs, customers can chose from three levels of support services, silver, gold and platinum. Consulting services include migration services to consolidate source code repositories on Subversion and a Quickstart program to help teams transition from a location-centric to a distributed development environment.

"Subversion is a powerful open source version control system that is rapidly becoming a standard,” said Christophe Job, vice president of development, Oracle Fusion Middleware. "We've recently released a Subversion extension for Oracle JDeveloper and we're pleased to see CollabNet expand its solutions and services to provide enterprise-level support for Subversion. This will further the adoption of Subversion as an enterprise-ready solution within the Oracle installed base." CollabNet is member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

CollabNet is the main corporate sponsor of the Subversion(TM) open source project and was the first company to integrate it into a complete enterprise solution for distributed software development. Subversion(TM) is available as a stand-alone version control solution ( and has been integrated into CollabNet Enterprise Edition. CollabNet Enterprise Edition, the leading solution for distributed software development, integrates tools for software development, project management, knowledge management, and communication management in an on-demand Web-based software development environment.

"In order to make global software development effective and to maintain competitive advantage, organizations must put new tools and processes in place that facilitate effective and secure collaboration, said Melinda Carol-Ballou, program manager application life cycle management at IDC. "We also see companies beginning to leverage open source expertise and software to offer new commercial services and products that allow enterprises to augment and extend popular open source tools for global development, which bodes well for users and the future of open source."

Availability and Pricing CollabNet Subversion On Demand and services for Subversion deployed as a stand-alone system are generally available today. The U.S. subscription price for CollabNet Subversion On Demand starts at $55 per user per month. For more information about CollabNet Subversion On Demand and related services offered by CollabNet, go to

About CollabNet

CollabNet delivers innovative on-demand distributed software development solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of global resources. CollabNet Enterprise Edition, CollabNet Subversion On Demand, and Subversion help companies eliminate the inefficiencies and limitations inherent in traditional development platforms by enabling on-demand development for geographically dispersed software development teams. For more information:

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