WildPackets Announces OmniAnalysis Platform v4.0

All-In-One platform adds enhanced application analysis, network forensics and VoIP expert analysis

Walnut Creek, California, April 25, 2006 - WildPackets Inc., innovators in advanced network analysis, today announced OmniAnalysis Platform v4.0 featuring new, fully integrated enhancements for Application Analysis, distributed Network Forensics Analysis and VoIP Expert Analysis. WildPackets is leading the way with these advanced network analysis solutions, being the first to support industry-standard Apdex scores that tie user satisfaction to measured network performance, relating network analytics to true business objectives for the first time.

WildPackets is also extending its leadership in VoIP analysis by providing in-depth media stream analysis and problem diagnosis of VoIP using industry-leading technology from Telchemy. In addition, the unprecedented scalability of the OmniAnalysis Platform v4.0 allows a single installation of WildPackets technology to grow into a highly affordable, globally-distributed solution that requires no additional training and no new technology.

WildPackets OmniAnalysis(tm) Platform

WildPackets' OmniAnalysis Platform is a distributed network analysis platform for optimizing network services and maximizing uptime on enterprise networks. The OmniAnalysis Platform uses advanced analytical techniques, including network forensics and application performance indexing, to troubleshoot network problems- even those that have occurred hours or days ago. Compliance officers can use WildPackets' network forensics features to discover and verify compliance violations, such as those related to server or network access or illicit transmission of data.

The OmniAnalysis Platform comprises a tightly integrated set of hardware and software components that scale from portable deployments to the analysis of globally distributed networks that serve hundreds of thousands of users and deliver mission-critical services. The platform provides simultaneous, real-time network analysis on traffic from multiple network interfaces, including 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11 wireless, full-duplex Gigabit, and WAN. By installing OmniAnalysis components in each business location, a network engineering team can manage all its remote networks from a single, centralized console. Enterprises that cannot afford to staff each office with a network engineer can use the OmniAnalysis Platform to ensure that every business location receives the network engineering support it needs.

Application Analysis

WildPackets is a founding member of the Apdex industry consortium, whose mission is to provide IT organizations with metrics that provide real insight into application performance and user satisfaction. The OmniAnalysis Platform reports industry-standard Apdex scores for applications active on the network, so IT engineers can measure application performance against business objectives.

Using the OmniAnalysis Platform's application layer decodes and suite of analysis tools, network engineers can distinguish fact from fiction and address the real source of network and application problems. With the enhanced Application Expert, WildPackets intuitively displays the results of its application analysis, highlighting application performance issues and correlating analytical results with Apdex scores.

Network Forensics Analysis

Network forensics allows users to collect and store the volumes of data that transverse networks in order to pinpoint the causes of issues should a problem arise. The OmniAnalysis Platform v4.0 provides a unique blend of network forensics capabilities that include high-utilization data capture, precise and flexible data discovery, and comprehensive data analysis in an offering that is economical, scalable, and easy-to-use.

OmniAnalysis gives network engineers the powerful network forensics solution they need without requiring investments in special hardware and without bogging down network performance with large data transfers. A truly distributed solution, OmniAnalysis can capture and analyze data at all critical network nodes in all topologies simultaneously in order to pinpoint issues that occurred in the past.

VoIP Expert Analysis

For organizations deploying VoIP, the OmniAnalysis Platform blends the abilities to analyze all network traffic with specific analysis of VoIP calls allowing users to determine when different types of traffic adversely affect each other. OmniAnalysis now includes industry-leading analysis from Telchemy to report passive MOS scores and R-Factor.

The solution provides VoIP expert analytics that engineers can use to quickly troubleshoot VoIP problems and optimize VoIP services. With the Enhanced Voice Analysis Option, the OmniAnalysis Platform's comprehensive "per-call" VoIP analytics provide a clear view into what's happening in the signaling plane (call setup, channel usage, call completions, etc.), and the media plane (problems with jitter, packet loss, bursts) of VoIP installations. Network engineers can play back calls to aid in troubleshooting.

About WildPackets, Inc.

Since 1990 WildPackets has been developing innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use, and valuable solutions to maintain the health and integrity of critical data-in-motion. From the desktop to the datacenter, wired to wireless, distributed and local, WildPackets products enable IT organizations to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure their network systems. For further information, please visit http://www.wildpackets.com.


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