Identity Engines Delivers Advanced Identity- And Policy-Based Network Access Control

Identity Engines releases Ignition v3.0, the first and only comprehensive network access management solution with dynamic network session provisioning and integrated guest management

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 1, 2006 – Identity Engines, Inc., a provider of network-based identity management solutions, announced Ignition™ v3.0. The new release is a comprehensive network access solution that includes dynamic network session provisioning and integrated guest access management. With Ignition v3.0, organizations can now dynamically adjust network security and access control in real-time based on the user identity. Additional new features with this release include support for strong authentication, enhanced monitoring and reporting, new protocol types and automated configuration tools.

As organizations evolve to support the demand for greater mobile and remote connectivity it has become increasingly difficult for IT departments to ensure consistent and secure access across all network entry points. Ignition simplifies the management of network access control by tightly integrating existing directories with network infrastructure -- eliminating the need to support individual repositories for each network access type. Ignition helps to better protect enterprise resources through an identity- and policy-based security model which is gaining momentum in today’s leading enterprise environments.

Ignition v3.0 provides a high level of control by unlocking existing under-utilized features in network and security devices while enabling dynamic network session provisioning -- making networks easier to manage. Ignition turns previously passive network switches into intelligent identity-aware access-control devices that can actively place users into different network partitions, with different access rights, based on user identity information. These new identity-based provisioning capabilities enable fine-grained control over parameters controlling network segmentation, QoS, and ACLs based on the user requesting access. Additionally, Ignition’s dynamic network access provisioning is vendor-neutral, working with all major networking and security equipment that support the IETF-standard RADIUS protocol, including vendor proprietary extensions.

In addition to identity-based dynamic network access provisioning, Ignition v3.0 includes:

  • Ignition Jumpstart: a new application designed for enterprise guest and temporary user management that allows companies to lock down open ports in conference rooms and manage secure access to wireless LANs for guests and visitors. Jumpstart is the only application that can manage guest access across wired, wireless, and VPN access points.

  • Ignition Live View Monitoring and Auditing: offering compliance reporting of all network access activities via the Ignition centralized network AAA resulting in improved security and regulatory compliance.

  • On-demand data integration of multiple LDAP and Active Directory servers via Ignition: offering easy integration with existing directory and identity systems to allow Ignition to work with the data schema and content that exists today in most organizations. Also leverages identity data, wherever it resides, for determining network level access control.

The new release for Ignition also includes enterprise manageability enhancements ensuring higher system availability, support for EAP-TLS and PEAP-TLS which offers additional secure options for host to network security and encryption, and support for RSA SecurID offering strong authentication capabilities. Additionally, Ignition v3.0 includes support for machine authentication and expands directory support offering with Sun Java System Directory Support.

The Ignition Model 3000E appliance with v3.0 software is available now starting at US$15,000. For more information, visit or contact

About Ignition

Identity Engines Ignition is a secure network appliance that facilitates comprehensive network identity management. With its sophisticated policy engine and high-reliability design, Ignition has been created to simplify how IT administrators manage access control and secure networks. The innovative, hardened platform is designed for quick and seamless deployment into enterprise IT infrastructures through its support for widely-supported protocols such as RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) and 802.1X. Ignition tightly integrates with common identity stores such as Microsoft’s Active Directory as well as popular LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directories from enterprise vendors like Sun Microsystems and Novell.

About Identity Engines Founded in 2004, Identity Engines develops scalable, identity-based solutions for securing enterprise networks. The company’s solutions provide comprehensive identity services such as authentication, authorization, and auditing to distributed network devices while enabling centralized administration and policy management for improved access control and compliance. For more information, visit

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