Compuware Changepoint 11 Optimizes Alignment of IT Resources with Business Needs

New release provides analysis of demand and capacity across the entire spectrum of IT activity

DETROIT -- May 15, 2006 -- Compuware Corporation today introduced Compuware Changepoint 11, a strategic enhancement to its IT Portfolio Management solution. With Compuware Changepoint, CIOs can improve the effectiveness of IT and strengthen collaboration with line-of-business leaders.

Compuware Changepoint gives CIOs the information they need to make effective decisions about investments and communicate the value that IT delivers to the business. Changepoint 11 introduces a series of breakthrough capabilities that allow IT organizations to dynamically align resources to meet changing business needs.

According to Daniel B. Stang, a Gartner principal research analyst covering project and portfolio management, “There is significant and growing worldwide demand for IT portfolio management systems that can define, support, and automate processes for enhanced visibility and control -- not only of projects but also of other work requests in today’s IT departments and project organizations.”

Changepoint 11 capabilities include enhancements in four key areas -- planning, analysis, management, and measurement.

Planning: Changepoint provides discrete and comprehensive investment planning capabilities. Changepoint 11 introduces configurable workflow capabilities to enable consistency and transparency in the investment decision-making process. This new capability supports effective collaboration between IT and the business.

Analysis: Changepoint 11 helps IT executives assess their delivery capabilities in support of the ever-changing needs of their line of business constituents with an industry first: an integrated view of resource demand and capacity across the entire spectrum of IT activity. This comprehensive view encompasses planned work, projects, and request-driven activity.

Management: Version 11 extends Changepoint’s sophisticated capabilities for managing the entire IT portfolio with portfolio hierarchy views, exception reporting and new graphical capabilities for viewing interdependencies between projects.

Measurement: Changepoint is the only leading IT Portfolio Management solution that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative measurements. Changepoint 11 introduces the ability to automatically gather qualitative information as an integral part of key business processes, such as investment decision-making and project delivery.

“Compuware, with the Version 11.0 release of its Changepoint portfolio management product, specifically delivers enhancements to account for project and service request type resource utilization,” said Dennis Gaughan, research director, AMR Research, Inc. in a May 2006 Research Article. “Providing this level of visibility is critical for companies that want to optimize not only their investments in new technologies, but ensure that the operations budgets are being directed at the services that deliver the most value to the business.”

“Enabling IT to better collaborate with the business is a key objective for Compuware,” said John Williams, senior vice president, product management and strategy, Compuware Corporation. “Compuware Changepoint 11 helps deliver on this goal by providing CIOs with powerful IT decision-making capabilities.”

Changepoint supports a portfolio approach for strategic planning as well as the analysis, management, and measurement needed for the effective operation of IT by leveraging Project Portfolio Management and Application Portfolio Management. Additional information on Changepoint can be obtained at

Compuware Corporation

Compuware Corporation maximizes the value IT brings to the business by helping CIOs more effectively manage the business of IT. Compuware solutions accelerate the development, improve the quality, and enhance the performance of critical business systems while enabling CIOs to align and govern the entire IT portfolio, increasing efficiency, cost control, and employee productivity throughout the IT organization. Learn more about Compuware at

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