Webroot Unveils New Client Architecture in Latest Version of Anti-Spyware Solution for Enterprises and SMBs

Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 adds kernel-level driver protection to enable industry-leading defense against the most malicious types of spyware and malware

Boulder, Colo., June 12, 2006 -- Webroot Software, Inc. today announced the company’s next major enterprise anti-spyware product release with the introduction of Spy SweeperTM Enterprise 3.0. Utilizing a completely re-architected client, the new version offers kernel-level driver protection to detect and remove the most malicious types of spyware, including rootkits and other evolving malware, and positions the Webroot solution at the forefront of the Internet security industry.

Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0’s kernel-level driver capabilities enable detection and removal of the most sophisticated forms of spyware which use rootkit technology to mask or hide itself from the Windows operating system and other security products. Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 is able to detect and remove these devious types of spyware during regular system sweeps. Webroot achieves this capability with the company’s patent-pending direct disk scanning technology. This technology allows 3.0’s client engine to scan an infected hard drive directly, bypassing the normal Microsoft Windows API’s that control disk access and providing real-time protection against fully cloaked spyware.

To compliment these powerful removal capabilities, Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 also offers new real-time Smart Shields, providing enterprises and SMBs with the widest breadth of proactive blocking protection available.

The ActiveX Shield thwarts drive-by downloads and blocks potential spyware threats that use ActiveX components to disguise their installation – except for those specifically approved by the administrator.

The Spy Communication Shield prevents further spyware infection by blocking incoming and outgoing communication to web sites known to host potential spyware threats and disables spyware programs’ ability to re-install during removal.

The BHO Shield blocks the installation of Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) unless specifically approved by the administrator.

The IE Trusted Sites Shield prevents spyware from modifying Internet Explorer security-zone settings

“As the financial incentives posed by stealing sensitive data or serving adware continually increase, spyware developers will continue to develop new threats and techniques to bypass anti-spyware solutions,” said C. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software Inc. “It is imperative that businesses of all sizes deploy a desktop anti-spyware solution that provides real-time protection against the most insidious types of spyware. Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 is the only corporate anti-spyware solution to use kernel-level driver protection, superior blocking technology and the most advanced research techniques to effectively accomplish this while minimizing system impact.”

The introduction of Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 is further bolstered by the launch of PhileasTM V – the next generation of Webroot’s automated spyware research system designed to proactively seek out the most malicious types of spyware and malware. Phileas debuted in January 2005 as the first automated anti-spyware research system and dramatically enhances Webroot’s anti-spyware definition database and detection capabilities. Phileas V builds upon the phenomenal success of the original system with several technical enhancements to more effectively fight the spyware plague, including a multi-tiered bot network that employs advanced research techniques, like deep packet sniffing. This and other advanced technologies ultimately improve Phileas’ ability to discover new threats more quickly, accurately and efficiently than ever before.

With Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0, Webroot will also start releasing incremental definitions that allow client workstations to download only the new or updated definitions from their administration console, thereby significantly reducing impact on desktop resources and vastly improving network bandwidth consumption. Webroot will also be introducing a new category in the definitions called “Informational”. This category is used to audit and scan a client workstation for unwanted applications such as P2P or other file sharing applications that consume large amounts of network bandwidth. Administrators, once alerted to the presence of these applications, may opt to have Spy Sweeper remove them from the workstation.

Other new features and enhancements in Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 include: ability to scan compressed files, and enhanced scalability options, that guarantee complete removal of threats, laptop and remote user management capabilities, and configurable SNMP alerts for detected spyware at the conclusion of sweeps. Administrators can now also throttle CPU usage for both the memory and file scans to minimize impact on user productivity during sweeps.

For enterprises still evaluating the spyware threat and the solutions available to them, Webroot provides two free tools to ease the process. The Webroot Corporate Spy Audit tool enables corporations to assess the risk level their organizations face from spyware infections. Additionally, the company offers a free 30-day trial of Spy Sweeper Enterprise to allow organizations to test a proven corporate anti-spyware solution while also protecting their networks from the dangers of spyware. The Corporate Spy Audit tool is located at http://www.webroot.com/services/entaudit/index.php and the Spy Sweeper Enterprise trial download is currently available at http://www.webroot.com/entcenter/enterprise_trial.php.

ABOUT WEBROOT Webroot Software, Inc. is the creator and publisher of the award-winning Spy SweeperTM line of anti-spyware products for consumers, small businesses and enterprises worldwide. Based in Boulder, Colo., the company is privately held and backed by some of the industry’s leading venture capital firms, including Technology Crossover Ventures, Accel Partners and Mayfield. Webroot’s software consistently receives top ratings and recommendations by respected third-party media and product reviews, and has been adopted by millions globally. Spy Sweeper software and other Webroot products can be found online at www.webroot.com and on the shelves of leading retailers throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. Webroot products are also available as either branded solutions or on an OEM basis. To find out more about Webroot, visit http://www.webroot.com or call 1-800-772-9383.

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