iConclude Launches World’s First Online IT Operations Content Exchange

New “iConclude Content Exchange” platform enables IT professionals to create, contribute, and download diagnostics and repair automation content

Bellevue, Wash. -- June 13, 2006 -- iConclude today launched the iConclude Content Exchange -- the world’s first online content exchange for IT Operations -- powered by the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web service. Through the iConclude Content Exchange, IT professionals can create, exchange, and download automation modules that perform diagnostics and repairs against common IT infrastructures such as Windows, Unix/Linux, Networking, and J2EE/.NET application environments.

iConclude uses the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web service from Amazon Web Services to find qualified IT professionals skilled at troubleshooting IT problems. iConclude posts IT-related tasks to the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web site where workers who pass iConclude’s IT Operations qualification test can submit and be paid for the descriptions of common IT problems and their solutions that they author. These are packaged into Repair Packs and made available via the iConclude Content Exchange. iConclude Content Exchange is available to iConclude customers today.

“This is a fundamental shift in our model,” said Sunny Gupta, CEO, and founder of iConclude. “By tapping the power of the IT operations community through Amazon Mechanical Turk, we’ve opened a gateway to thousands of IT professionals that can enhance iConclude’s Repair System platform with value-added content. This will accelerate the deployment success of our customers and give them access to thousands of automation flows built by their IT operations peers.”

The iConclude Content Exchange propels IT operations professionals into a new era of collaboration and innovation. Through this unique IT operations content hub, iConclude customers and other IT professionals will have access to an ongoing stream of dynamic automation and repair content, whether it’s developed by iConclude, iConclude partners, iConclude Repair System™ users, or certified IT professionals who perform tasks on the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web site. Domain-specific diagnostic and repair content, from all sources, is packaged into Repair Packs™ that can be downloaded and deployed on top of iConclude’s innovative Repair System platform, delivering more out-of-box value to iConclude customers.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a Web service that lets users programmatically submit tasks to the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web site, pay workers who come to the site to complete the tasks, and incorporate the completed work into their applications. Through Amazon Mechanical Turk, iConclude gained access to a robust platform for sourcing IT tasks as well a broad set of skilled Mechanical Turk workers with the necessary expertise. In a short period of time, iConclude has used Amazon Mechanical Turk to cultivate a strong and growing team of IT professionals to author domain specific Repair Packs. Qualified IT professionals can contribute content by responding to iConclude’s IT Operations Tasks posted on mTurk.com.

As the iConclude Content Exchange grows, future customers will be able to “custom-order” diagnostics and repair content by posting a specific request on the content exchange. This will provide iConclude customers access to all iConclude-certified Mechanical Turk workers (workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk who pass the iConclude IT Operations qualifications test), thereby creating a cost-effective way for ordering tailored repair content for specific environments.

About iConclude

iConclude provides problem management and incident resolution solutions that increase ITIL incident- and problem-management visibility, reduce escalations and false alerts, and streamline the resolution process. Our managed automation technology self-heals systems and enables frontline operations and support teams to diagnose, repair, and maintain business-critical applications in a guided and repeatable way. By providing access to critical problem resolution information and leveraging investments in your existing service desk and system management products, our solutions reduce support costs, time to resolution, and system downtime. For more information go to http://www.iconclude.com

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