DatAllegro Announces Version 2 Of Data Warehouse Appliance With Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processors

Customers Benefit from 2-10X Performance Improvement over Version 1, Workload Management, Higher Concurrency and Simplified Pricing

Aliso Viejo, CA June 26, 2006 DATAllegro(TM) today announced a new version of its data warehouse appliances as well as simplified pricing. Version 2 of DATAllegro's data warehouse appliances uses dual-core Intel(r) Xeon(r) processors, which are responsible for up to a 2-3X performance improvement in query and loading speeds. Additional enhancements and upgrades to DATAllegro's software further increase performance, enabling query speeds that are up to ten times faster than Version 1. Other new features of Version 2 are workload management, a management console and SNMP monitoring.

With Version 2 DATAllegro's customers will benefit from improved performance across the board, but the most notable areas of advancement are better query performance for complex aggregations, the support of higher levels of concurrency and faster data loading. These are due largely to the upgrade from Intel's single-core to dual-core processor chips, but also from a new workload management feature and other enhancements to the software. The workload management feature allows simpler queries to be prioritized ahead of longer, more complex queries.

Version 2's new management console offers administration features so DBAs can better manage appliance usage and diagnose system and query performance issues. With the addition of SNMP monitoring, customers will be notified immediately via phone or email if the appliance has performance issues or needs maintenance. Version 2 also includes integration with common systems management tools.

Along with Version 2, DATAllegro is also introducing simplified, modular pricing. Instead of having to choose between pre-defined systems with a set amount of capacity, companies can now purchase only the capacity they need in either the "C" Series (high capacity) or "P" Series (high performance) product lines. Each individual appliance requires one master node which is priced at $50,000. Slave nodes come in sets of 2 with a maximum of 120 total nodes in each system. Each "P" Series slave node has a 1/2 terabyte capacity and is priced at $40,000 (maximum 60 terabyte capacity). Each "C" Series slave node has a 2.5 terabyte capacity and is priced at $60,000 (maximum 300 terabyte capacity). For companies that want to encrypt the data in their data warehouse, encrypted versions are of both the "C" or "P" Series appliances are available at twice the price of each node.

About DATAllegro (tm)

DATAllegro offers data warehouse appliances with the best price and performance in the industry. Using DATAllegro's patent-pending technology, companies can run faster and more complex queries on their data in order to increase their business intelligence. Whether you have 1 terabyte of user data or 300, DATAllegro's data warehouse appliances offer record breaking performance at a fraction of the cost of any other offering on the market. With prices for a complete appliance starting at $130,000 and table scanning speeds as fast as six terabytes per minute, DATAllegro's data warehouse appliances have set a new standard in price and performance. DATAllegro has offices throughout the US as well as in Europe. Based in Aliso Viejo, California, DATAllegro delivers a fast, flexible and affordable solution that allows a company's data to grow at the pace of its business. For more information on DATAllegro go to

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