SeeWhy Software Debuts Industry's First Real-time, Event-driven Business Intelligence Platform

Event-stream Processing and Continuous Interpretation of Business Metrics Heralds Next Generation of BI, Dubbed BI 2.0

Windsor, U.K. June- 26, 2006 - SeeWhy Software today announced SeeWhy Enterprise Edition, the first event-driven business intelligence platform. The distinctly new entrant into the business intelligence market uses event-stream processing to allow enterprises to build real-time metrics, alerts and actions into any business process or application. By automatically evaluating events as they occur and calculating impact on the company, SeeWhy Enterprise Edition can reduce business costs, identify sales opportunities and avert operational risks.

Traditional business intelligence systems extract data from applications and load it into databases or costly data warehouses. Then, they run queries against the databases and extract the data for manual analysis by users. This process is slow and by design bases decisions on old information. Recent attempts to improve business intelligence technology have had the effect of speeding up the process, but they have not fundamentally altered it to allow analysis of business events as they occur, nor can the analysis process itself be automated, making it hard to integrate with processes.

In contrast, SeeWhy's event-stream processing technology directly monitors corporate data delivered by middleware, integration software, service-oriented architectures (SOAs), web services or the network without impacting their performance. It interprets data in the context of past performance to deliver analyses of business events and identifies anomalies seconds after they occur.

SeeWhy can be used to analyze both structured and unstructured processes, enabling any business function to be optimized, irrespective of whether it has been automated in a Business Process Management environment. This broad applicability across industries supports processes such as monitoring customer transactions, tracking shipments, sensing demand, detecting fraud and ensuring compliance with business operating procedures.

The SeeWhy Enterprise Edition is in production at Diageo to monitor the supply of Guinness beer between Ireland and the USA. Andy Cullen, head of planning and exports at Diageo, commented, "SeeWhy provides constant visibility for our export shipping process. Having our key metrics 'always on' enables Diageo to get forward visibility of performance of this critical element in our supply to the US market."

SeeWhy Operational Business Intelligence

SeeWhy takes advantage of industry standards such as XML, XSD, JMS and J2EE to analyze multiple event streams as they happen. The system evaluates each event and automatically compares it to normal performance. It allows users to visualize results using web-based dashboards; alerts staff to unusual events; automatically triggers defined corrective actions; and predicts the future impact of events such as sales, orders, trades, shipments and out-of-stock items, on the company.

SeeWhy Enterprise Edition is designed to handle tens of millions of events per day, on low-cost commodity hardware. Developed for "always on" 24x7 continuous operation in mission-critical environments, the system scales across multiple processors and servers, enabling every business event to be analyzed, every time in real time.

SeeWhy Enterprise Edition is available immediately. Pricing is a simple flat fee of $30,000 per year per processor, including full support and maintenance services.

In addition to SeeWhy Enterprise Edition, SeeWhy will release the SeeWhy Community Edition in Q3 2006. The product will be free to download, develop on and deploy to one CPU.

About SeeWhy Software

SeeWhy is the first real-time Business Intelligence platform for the event-driven enterprise. SeeWhy continuously analyzes and interprets streams of individual business events, to alert you immediately to opportunities and risks and enable everyday decisions to be automated. Scalable for the most demanding applications, SeeWhy puts "instant insight" into your business processes, giving you real time visibility into current and future performance. SeeWhy has been selected as one of the top private European software companies for 2006 as part of the Red Herring 100 Europe, named Global Innovator by Guidewire Group and highlighted as a cool company by Gartner Group. SeeWhy Software was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in Windsor, UK.

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