MetaInfo Releases Virtual Appliance

Augments operating system platform options by offering better security and reliability

Seattle, WA, August 10, 2006 -- MetaInfo today announced the release of the MetaInfo Virtual Appliance for IP Address Management and SAFE DHCP Quarantine.

The MetaInfo Virtual Appliance augments the operating system platform options currently available to MetaInfo customers by offering significant benefits in the areas of security, reliability, management, and cost. Customers can choose IP Address Management with Meta IP and add the protection of SAFE DHCP Quarantine, which forces network users to pass the site's host integrity scanning and authentication procedures prior to gaining full network access.

The MetaInfo Virtual Appliance runs on any standard x86 desktop or server in a self-contained, isolated environment. The Meta IP or SAFE DHCP Quarantine software, Debian operating system, and Apache Web server come pre-installed. This allows users to get network services running immediately by eliminating the time required to install and configure the operating system and applications.

"Unlike hardware appliance-only solutions, MetaInfo addresses the varied requirements and expertise of each respective customer and their environments. The new MetaInfo Virtual Appliance allows customers to better leverage IT resources by running multiple environments on a single machine," said Grant Asplund, CEO of MetaInfo. "No other vendor offers the breadth of fully interoperable supported platforms. In addition to the MetaInfo Virtual Appliance, customers can deploy MetaInfo solutions on Windows, Solaris, Red Hat, Debian, Suse, Ubuntu, and the MetaInfo Hardware Appliance.

"Corporations seeking to rapidly deploy new networks or make changes to existing infrastructure must be able to quickly configure, manage, and deploy DNS and DHCP services," added Asplund. "The MetaInfo Virtual Appliance is affordable, secure, and pre-configured with dedicated services that lower the cost and ease the deployment of these essential network services."

Steve Sconce, IT network supervisor/project manager at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon, already uses the MetaInfo Hardware SAFE DHCP Quarantine Appliances to verify machines and users before gaining network access. "Our guest wireless network presents many possible security risks for our business. The new MetaInfo Virtual Appliance will help us more easily and securely expand our network access control across our complex organization."

The MetaInfo Virtual Appliance is available today from MetaInfo and its U.S. and global sales and distribution partners.

About MetaInfo

MetaInfo combines core IP network services with the security of Network Access Control. Meta IP features resilient and scalable DNS and DHCP services that run on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and the MetaInfo Hardware and Virtual Appliances. The SAFE DHCP Quarantine Framework adds new layers of protection to ensure clients meet network access policies. With Meta IP and SAFE DHCP, customers increase stability, strengthen security, reduce risks, and lower the total cost of IP network ownership. For more information, visit

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