Wavelink Launches Studio 5.0 -- Comprehensive Wireless Java Application Development Solution

Java-enabled version allows developers to provide mobile workforce with anytime access to critical corporate data

Kirkland, Wash. -- August 28, 2006 -- Wavelink today announced Wavelink Studio 5.0 with new Java libraries supporting the development of mobile applications. This release of Wavelink's commercial-grade mobile application development solution enables Java developers to efficiently develop, deploy, and manage wireless applications throughout the retail, supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing industries.

As companies work to enhance the productivity of mobile workers, they increasingly rely on wireless applications to make vital business information and processes accessible on the go. Wavelink Studio 5.0 provides a flexible, high-performance solution that meets the dynamic challenges of large-scale wireless deployments and creates a supportive environment for today's mobile workforce.

Wavelink Studio 5.0 allows developers to focus on creating highly customizable wireless applications in much less time by shielding developers from the complexities and variations in mobile devices and their associated peripherals. Developers can create a wireless application once and deploy it over a number of different device types and operating systems without device-specific modification. This provides a form of application development insurance - create applications today that will not require any changes to work on the devices of tomorrow.

Wavelink Studio 5.0 also dramatically reduces labor-intensive programming by allowing developers to use existing skills and code sets by simply appending Wavelink Studio code to existing business logic. The new Studio Java libraries include over 400 methods and objects providing application building blocks for all aspects of mobile application functionality. This eliminates the need to learn another programming language or development environment specific to a certain device or network.

In addition, Wavelink Studio users benefit from centralized application installation, running applications from a host server to mobile devices. Since revisions are made server-side, there is no need to update individual devices by hand, saving hundreds of hours and enabling developers to complete projects on time and under budget. When layered with Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center, rapid, over-the-air software updates and security configuration can also be managed centrally for all devices on the wireless network, regardless of their location.

Wavelink Studio 5.0 further simplifies internationalization of applications by providing Unicode and wide-character support, enabling global developers to use the necessary Unicode text for many languages, such as Chinese and Japanese. Providing applications in a native language extends application life and widens integration possibilities.

Pricing and Availability

The Wavelink Studio 5.0 will be available in September 2006. The product is licensed on a per-device basis with a list price of $195 per device.

About Wavelink

Wavelink Corporation is a leading provider of multi-vendor mobile application development and mobile infrastructure management software solutions that keep mobile businesses moving. Wavelink's technology solves the unique challenges involved in deploying, managing, and controlling auto-ID data collection (AIDC) systems and RFID, and facilitates peak performance from frontline staff. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at http://www.wavelink.com or call +1.425.823.0111.

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