EMA Offers Free IT Management Product Analysis from New Online Solutions Center

IT decision-makers have complete, independent market research available for technology analysis and side-by-side comparisons

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 29, 2006 -- Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has launched the EMA IT Management Solutions Center, a free online resource that provides the industry's most comprehensive third-party analysis of IT management vendors and technologies. Building upon the success of EMA's SLM Solutions Guide, the EMA IT Management Solutions Center includes additional topics that span the IT management technology spectrum. This fully interactive online resource guide is available now at http://itsolutions.emausa.com

"The EMA IT Management Solutions Center offers a convenient, objective, and easy-to-use guide covering the majority of IT management companies and products available today,” said Rick Sturm, EMA's founder and CEO. "During the next year, we will continue to build-out the Solutions Center to provide both IT decision-makers and the vendor community with a single-source view into the latest products and how they fit within the market landscape.”

As the leader in IT management research, analysis, and consulting services, EMA developed its IT Management Solutions Center to address the increasing demand for independent insight into IT markets, companies, and products. At the core of the Solutions Center is a free, simple-to-use, online portal that is interactive, searchable, and provides objective side-by-side comparisons of technology products from throughout the IT management arena.

For enterprise IT professionals, the Solutions Center represents a vendor-neutral resource that is based on extensive product and segment knowledge obtained from countless hours of research and company interaction. Through expert analysis, EMA's highly experienced analysts remove the marketing hype to allow IT professionals to make informed decisions about technologies, vendors, and products when crafting their IT management strategies.

IT vendors also will benefit from the Solutions Center when conducting competitive research, planning future product roadmaps and analyzing marketing messages based on EMA's independent positioning.

Currently, the EMA IT Management Solutions Center includes comprehensive information on the service level management (SLM), service oriented architecture (SOA), virtualization, and job scheduling markets. The following IT management market segments will be added during 2006:

  • Next-Generation Asset Management

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

  • Information Security

  • SMB Storage Suites

  • Out-of-Band Management

"Since there was such a tremendous response to the SLM Solutions Guide, we decided to expand this online resource to help IT professionals sort through the hype in even more technology areas,” said EMA's Sturm. "The IT Management Solutions Center will continue to evolve with complete and continuously updated information that helps IT professionals learn the basics of key IT management technologies, research available solutions that meet their needs, and compare objective profiles of alternatives side-by-side.”

The EMA Management Solutions Center is now available free online at http://itsolutions.emausa.com

About Enterprise Management Associates

EMA is an industry analyst and consulting firm dedicated to issues of IT management. The firm conducts comprehensive, in-depth research and analysis on current and emerging concepts, issues, trends, strategies, and resources. For more information, visit http://www.enterprisemanagement.com.

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