Entuity Updates Eye of the Storm Network Management Suite

EYE 5.0 extends visibility to the network’s edge, further illuminating access layer devices and services

NEW YORK, NY and LONDON, UK, October 30, 2006 -- Entuity, Inc. today announced the release of Version 5.0 of its Eye of the Storm (EYE) network management suite. This latest version provides support for popular technologies and services within the powerful integrated inventory, fault, and performance management capabilities which are the hallmarks of EYE, and which together help to solve the challenges that enterprises face without transparency into their networks. The new version also includes a new application, along with a set of 10 added modules that support two network management initiatives crucial to enabling enterprises to meet business objectives: network visibility and efficiency.

EYE 5.0 enables increased visibility into the network, detecting changes that impact network performance and security. This version provides enterprises and systems integrators with unrivaled access layer awareness -- up-to-date actionable knowledge of how well their infrastructure is providing service at the point of delivery -- through automated, continuous discovery of network inventory and connectivity. By detecting unauthorized hubs, speed changes on ports, and user surges at a remote location, EYE provides the data necessary to make sure the network is open only to authorized users and that changes are reported to enable necessary investigation and action by network managers.

Specifically, EYE is enabling network visibility with the introduction of the following modules:

  • EYE MPLS VPN Module: Multiprotocol Layer Switching (MPLS) offers enterprises and systems integrators scalability in supporting multiple virtual private networks (VPNs) on a single physical infrastructure and a highly flexible and robust consolidation of technology and traffic types to meet different traffic needs. However, configuring and troubleshooting these environments can be complex and time consuming. Moreover, there is typically poor visibility into how changes in configuration of this technology impact network performance. The EYE MPLS VPN module uses EYE’s unique auto-discovery technology to detect configured MPLS Internet protocol (IP) VPNs and populate detailed inventory information into the EYE configuration management database (CMDB). Ultimately, this module helps reduce administrative burden and improves performance of MPLS circuits by identifying overburdened interfaces.

  • EYE Quality of Service Module: Quality of service (QoS) technology helps ensure optimum performance for today’s network traffic, particularly for bandwidth-intensive services like VoIP and streaming media. The EYE QoS Module brings visibility and manageability to this popular technology by providing a detailed inventory of QoS configurations, together with monitoring in real-time of each interface’s performance. EYE automatically discovers QoS details to give operations personnel the insight needed to optimize QoS configurations and performance. Out-of-the-box detailed reports reduce administration burden, improve troubleshooting, and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

  • EYE Wireless Module: Wireless services offer an excellent compliment to today’s wired networks, particularly for high-mobility users at the network’s edge. The EYE Wireless Module extends EYE’s current strength in management of the wired edge of corporate switched local area networks (LANs) to monitoring the edge where wireless controller / lightweight access point (LAP) technology works either independently or together with Ethernet switches and/or autonomous wireless access points (WAPs). The unified management environment provided by EYE 5.0 improves capacity planning and troubleshooting of mixed networks and provides historical documentation to ensure security compliance and reduce the risk that known security holes go unaddressed.

  • EYE 5.0 Includes Additional Visibility Modules: Additional EYE 5.0 modules now available include power over Ethernet (PoE), BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) system integration, and network summary reports.

Greater Efficiency with EYE

EYE 5.0 includes enhancements for dramatically improved operations efficiency through real-time alerting and integration with company workflows and data stores. With the addition of configuration change event reporting and the Connectivity Viewer application, the software suite also enables enterprises and system integrators to leverage unparalleled visibility into the network. This allows more effective control over changes to the network even at the network’s edge.

EYE delivers improved network efficiency by offering the following modules:

  • Configuration Change Events: Change is the dominant cause of IT problems, and operations personnel typically have poor visibility into hardware at the network’s extremities, such as in remote offices. Additions or changes to equipment in a remote office can significantly impact network performance. EYE 5.0 automatically detects and reports configuration changes and generates alarms to help quickly diagnose the likely root cause of performance issues. EYE provides visibility and alarms into changes including connected hosts, unauthorized hub additions, speed changes on ports, and a surge in users at a remote location. With this increased visibility, network managers are better able to manage user-driven change that may be detrimental to network security and performance.

  • Connectivity Viewer: With the availability of the new Connectivity Viewer application in EYE 5.0, users can visually display change alarms in the context of network topology to quickly assess the connectivity and impact on the network. EYE automatically draws a device connectivity map and uniquely highlights failures, brownouts, and topological changes for rapid and efficient troubleshooting. Users can add or remove devices as desired and launch EYE’s full depth of inventory, performance, or event details. Capacity planners can also use the Connectivity Viewer to analyze existing infrastructures in order to make informed recommendations concerning new network build outs.

  • EYE 5.0 Includes Additional Efficiency Functionality: Additional functionality now available to support efficiency include extensible menus and external authentication.

“With EYE 5.0, Entuity gives our enterprise customers and channel partners a greater ability to derive and deliver maximum performance and return from today’s complex networks,” said Michael Jannery, president and CEO of Entuity. “With support for edge connection technologies and services including MPLS, QoS, and wireless, operations personnel can now effectively deploy, diagnose, and troubleshoot the network environments required to support their business initiatives -- whether they are part of an internal IT department for a large enterprise or as a service provider to small to medium businesses.”

Eye of the Storm 5.0 will be available November 15, 2006, and runs on Microsoft Windows 2003, Sun Solaris, and RedHat Linux environments.

About Entuity

Entuity, Inc. is a leading provider of network management solutions and patented technology that enable enterprises and system integrators to deploy and manage IP services, reduce network downtime, meet service-level commitments, and ensure network configuration compliance. Customers involved with service level management, asset optimization, configuration management database (CMDB) initiatives, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, or broader business-service management goals all use Entuity's scaleable solutions to achieve their objectives. For more information on Entuity, please visit http://www.entuity.com or call +1.212.489.0559 (North America) or +44 (0) 20 7444 4800 (Europe).


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