IDS Scheer Enhances ARIS Platform

New version of industry-leading BPM tool addresses SOA, enterprise architecture, and business rules management

Berwyn, PA, November 7, 2006 -- IDS Scheer today expanded its flagship and award-winning ARIS platform with major enhancements designed for business process excellence. This new release, version 7.02, offers IDS Scheer customers support for emerging technologies like service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business rules management, as well as integration with SAP BI and a framework for enterprise architecture (EA) management. Available now, this new version of the ARIS Platform includes the following Web-based products:

  • ARIS SOA Designer

  • ARIS IT Architect

  • ARIS Business Rules Designer

  • ARIS BI Modeler

“IDS Scheer is pleased to announce the general availability of this new version of the ARIS Platform that further drives business operations through the optimization of business-critical technologies,” said Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, CEO of IDS Scheer for the Americas. “ARIS Platform now offers support for the creation and management of SOAs, design of enterprise architecture, and the modeling and management of business rules.”

From Business Processes to SOA with ARIS SOA Designer

The new ARIS SOA Designer Service Browser offers more flexibility by building a bridge between business and IT to support operational processes. It also allows for easy identification of those services that are designed for automating operations. The combination of the service description and operational activity within the process model enables executable BPEL processes to be automatically generated. ARIS SOA Designer exports the BPEL processes for execution within platforms such as SAP XI, Oracle SOA Suite, IBM WebSphere, Fujitsu Interstage, and BEA WebLogic.

ARIS SOA Designer also provides structuring and documentation of existing services on the business level in the ARIS Repository. This offers organizations a single repository for company business and IT processes, as well as providing a single tool for business analysts, process engineers, and software architects. Since the services are continuously reused, the ultimate result is significant savings to the company.

Enterprise Architecture Management -- ARIS IT Architect

IDS Scheer's ARIS 7.02 release features ARIS IT Architect for enterprise architecture management. This product boasts superior design and analysis capabilities. In addition, the new methods and analysis processes can establish and evaluate IT landscapes. Enterprise architecture management creates transparency within IT development plans and architectural modules. ARIS IT Architect maps framework-specific methods such as Zachman, TEAF, TOGAF, and IT City Planning and stores them centrally in the ARIS database and links them with the supporting business processes. This mapping functionality enables companies to gain a full overview of the entire organizational structure -- with the added benefit of cost savings that are generated through increased transparency and a simplified IT landscape.

Integrated Modeling of Business Processes and Rules - ARIS Business Rules Designer

In collaboration with Corticon Technologies, IDS Scheer has launched the ARIS Business Rules Designer. Based on Corticon's Business Rules Management System, this industry-first new product is a comprehensive integration solution for business process management and business rules modeling. While business processes describe the operational procedures within a company, business rules explain the decisions behind these processes. By integrating the rules into ARIS Business Rules Designer, IDS Scheer will offer its customers the capability to model, measure and manage the business-driven decisions within their processes. Decisions can then be modeled as tasks within the process by users, and automatically generated into executable services.

Adding Transparency to Business Intelligence with ARIS BI Modeler

ARIS BI Modeler is the first product designed to automatically prepare graphical representations of available metadata via an interface to SAP BI. The product also facilitates subsequent re-documentation of the architecture and the data processing concept of all implemented SAP BI systems. ARIS BI Modeler offers customers the capability to produce detailed plans and analysis of data structures and data transformation within an SAP BI system. In turn, this lays the foundation for migration to new SAP BI systems and for consolidating and/or harmonizing existing SAP BI landscapes.

About IDS Scheer in the Americas

With the ARIS Platform, IDS Scheer is a leading provider of solutions for business process excellence. The company’s ARIS-based solutions offer a complete portfolio of software, services, and methods to address all phases of the business process lifecycle: strategy, design, implementation, control, documentation, and continuous improvement. From small and medium enterprises to Global 1000 organizations, IDS Scheer helps companies optimize their investments in business process management (BPM), enterprise architecture (EA), service-oriented architecture (SOA), corporate performance management (CPM), and compliance management. For more information on IDS Scheer in the Americas, visit


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