XMetaL Author 5.0 Supports End-to-End Content Lifecycle Management with Publishing and Content Management System Integration

Enterprise-ready version of JustSystems’ XML-based authoring and content collaboration software leads industry with the deepest DITA support

VANCOUVER, B.C., November 16, 2006 -- JustSystems today announced the availability of its XMetaL Author 5.0, the company’s new XML-based authoring and content collaboration software. The offering builds on JustSystems’ established leadership in authoring solutions with content management system integration, enhanced publishing capabilities, and extended support for the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) to enable enterprise-wide content lifecycle management.

With its new capabilities, XMetaL Author 5.0 meets the needs of companies seeking an end-to-end content lifecycle solution to manage high volumes of information with an enterprise-ready content creation and publishing solution that can be rapidly deployed and integrated with content management systems (CMS). XMetaL was the first XML application built exclusively for natively authoring and publishing content using DITA and continues to lead the industry with the deepest DITA support. XMetaL Author 5.0 is available in the following editions: Author, DITA Edition, new Enterprise Edition, and XMAX -- the embeddable, Web-based edition.

XMetaL offers support for XML and DITA open standards to help companies use best practices for content creation and reduce the cost of publishing. New functionality in XMetaL Author 5.0 includes:

  • More Publishing Options: the ability to publish cost-effectively, directly from the desktop, with extended support for the DITA Open Toolkit, the new embedded RenderX-powered XSL-FO engine for high-quality PDF output or with the extensible publishing framework that enables users to utilize other commercial publishing engines;

  • Improved CMS: This edition improves content repository or management system (CMS) integration with capability for a single-interface access enabled by the new XMetaL Connector;

  • Enhanced DITA support: DITA specialization support for the rapid development of authoring interfaces for new content types, and extended DITA map editing capabilities for leveraging the full power of DITA maps for content reuse and document assembly.

“While many companies are recognizing the importance of defining and implementing an enterprise content management strategy, many continue to struggle with how to create, share, and deliver information quickly across multiple channels and locales,” said Michael Maziarka, Director, InfoTrends. “To be successful, companies must implement solutions that leverage standards and effectively integrate with various content repositories, allowing them to think about content beyond just authoring or editing, but as part of the larger content lifecycle. XMetaL’s solutions have the potential to deliver on this promise, helping organizations accelerate time to market worldwide by speeding their publishing processes.”

According to Maria Brownstein, a Senior Manager of Engineering at Sybase Inc., a leader in enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, “Using XMetaL DITA Edition for structuring our high volumes of content has allowed our team of writers to be more productive throughout the content lifecycle. In the competitive software market, time-to-market is critical, and we found that moving from a whole document approach to topic-based content authoring is helping us ensure critical product documentation — whether in print, PDF, or online — is ready on time. With the deeper support for DITA in XMetaL Author 5.0, we will move from content creation to final delivery that much faster.”

XMetaL Author 5.0 improves content quality, value, and accuracy for the enterprise by providing a flexible and easily customized interface that enables content authors to create valid XML content that can be shared across the enterprise, automatically published, and efficiently translated. The ability to effectively focus on content instead of format also improves staff efficiency to speed the time-to-market of information materials. XMetaL -- used standalone or integrated with any of several leading content management and publishing systems -- can be used by any writer or reviewer, even without XML knowledge.

DITA and Enterprise editions of XMetaL Author 5.0 are now shipping. Author and XMAX editions are scheduled for December 2006 availability. For more information, please visit http://www.justsystems.com or http://www.xmetal.com

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