Insightix Announces Availability of Insightix NAC 3.0

New version delivers real-time policy enforcement across entire enterprise empowered by patent-pending enforcement and quarantine technology

Framingham, MA, November 28, 2006 -- Insightix announced today the release of Insightix NAC 3.0. The new version of Insightix NAC offers the most straightforward approach for implementing a complete and real-time network access control policy across the entire enterprise network, ensuring that only authorized and compliant devices are allowed to access and operate on the network.

Insightix NAC 3.0 provides complete network coverage by discovering in real time a comprehensive inventory of all elements connected to the network and their associated properties. Based on the wealth of contextual IT infrastructure information gathered by Insightix NAC 3.0, IT professionals can easily baseline their network and authorize the devices that are permitted to access and operate on the network. Once activated, Insightix NAC 3.0 performs real-time element detection and authorization enforcement, denying connectivity to any unauthorized device.

Insightix NAC 3.0 features a straightforward, rule-base policy engine for defining compliance checks that are performed against authorized elements as they attempt to connect to the network. The compliance checks supported include checks on Windows-based operating systems, including verification of the service-pack level, presence of operating system patches, and installation and status of anti-virus software. If an authorized device does not pass the compliance checks, network access is granted to remediation servers only, allowing the device’s user to align the device with the enterprise’s network access policy.

Insightix NAC 3.0 uses a new patent-pending technology for enforcement and quarantine that removes dependencies on switch integration and other IT resources. Insightix’s Quarantine Silo technology ensures that an authorized device is not granted access to the network until the compliance checks are successfully completed and that a questionable element is quarantined in complete isolation from the network and other quarantined elements.

Insightix NAC 3.0 constantly monitors the network, identifying and responding to any changes made to the properties of devices that are authorized to operate on the network. Insightix NAC 3.0 ensures that the properties of an authorized device, such as the MAC address, are not abused, preventing an unauthorized device masquerading as an authorized device.

"Enterprises increasingly require comprehensive, non-intrusive, real-time information about the users and devices trying to connect to their networks, and the ability to manage those connections in ways that enable consistent, pervasive security of networked IT and intellectual property (IP) resources," said Michael Dortch, vice-president of IT infrastructure management strategies at Robert Frances Group. "Insightix NAC 3.0 promises to enable such protection, driven by business-centric, well-enforced policies, for almost any enterprise, and builds upon the proven strengths of the entire Insightix technology portfolio."

Insightix NAC 3.0 uniquely simplifies the rollout of network access controls. Insightix NAC 3.0 is completely agentless and does not require any network changes, hardware replacement or specialized software. As a result, Insightix NAC 3.0 can be installed and operational in a matter of hours.

Insightix NAC 3.0 is now available through Insightix’s channel partners worldwide.

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Insightix develops the only complete, real-time, and agentless network discovery and network access control solutions. Insightix's solutions provide comprehensive network coverage and deliver an immediate return-on-investment for IT operations, network security and regulation compliance. Insightix solutions are simple to use and overcome the technical limitations of existing solutions.

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