Heroix Longitude Provides Increased Control of Corporate IT Performance

Agentless monitoring software’s advanced troubleshooting capabilities and expanded network coverage yield faster time to resolution and increased IT uptime

NEWTON, Mass., December 11, 2006 -- Heroix today announced the general availability of Longitude V4, the latest update of its agentless IT infrastructure monitoring and reporting software for Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms. Offering an integrated approach to monitoring IT performance and Service Level Agreements (SLA), Longitude provides reporting, alerting, automated correction, and SLA monitoring for applications, servers, IT infrastructure, networks, and SNMP devices to help companies ensure optimal business performance.

The new release provides increased control of IT performance management activities from a centralized monitoring console. Quicker troubleshooting and diagnostics can be achieved using additional event monitoring capabilities and a newly added real-time statistics dashboard. Longitude V4 expands monitoring coverage to any SNMP-based devices via an intuitive graphical studio, and also adds consolidation of Windows Event logs, as well as a new archived report portal.

New Longitude features include: %%Centralized Event Monitor: Acting as a central monitoring station for Longitude, the V4 Event Monitor allows users to drill down for-real time troubleshooting, modify performance thresholds, and suspend or disable known “non-problems” without having to navigate away from the main event display.

  • Statistic Dashboard: A customizable, real-time dashboard speeds troubleshooting by displaying any combination of metrics from applications, servers, databases, Web servers, e-mail, and network devices. Timelines, dials, and thermometer graphs can be arranged in any order and marked with warning and critical thresholds to meet the monitoring needs of a variety of IT staff.

  • SNMP Studio: The SNMP Studio expands Longitude’s network monitoring reach by enabling users to easily monitor, report, and alert on the performance of a wide range of SNMP devices. Devices can be monitored simply by importing an MIB and selecting metrics of interest. The performance of firewalls, switches, routers, and other network devices, as well as custom applications that use MIBs, can now be easily understood, correlated with other data, and evaluated in terms of their impact on Service Level Agreements and the overall health of business critical applications.

  • Archived Report Portal: By effectively managing the types of reports presented to each individual, the Archived Report Portal makes it easy for line of business managers and other non-IT users to comprehend the performance of relevant IT resources. In addition to streamlining access to data, the portal also allows organizations to implement policies to ensure that users are only presented with data they are authorized to view.

  • Windows Event Log Consolidation:Windows application, security, and system event logs can now be consolidated across the network and displayed in Longitude's Windows Event Log Viewer, or translated into Longitude events for display in the Longitude Event Monitor. Translated events can be used to trigger Longitude actions or correlated events, and event reports display statistics with drill down for more detail.

Pricing and Availability Longitude V4 is available now. The pricing for basic OS monitoring starts at $299 per monitored system. Heroix offers a 14-day free trial of Longitude (http://www.heroix.com/v4pr.asp) as well as an online Flash demo (http://www.heroix.com/downloads/flash/LongitudeTour/tour.asp).

About Heroix

Heroix delivers software products that help organizations optimize the availability and performance of applications, databases, systems, and IT infrastructure running across multiple platforms. More information about Heroix can be found at http://www.heroix.com

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