Permabit Offers Storage Grid Technology for Information Retention, Retrieval, and Security

Simplifies long-term information planning, management, and archive migration to meet compliance, corporate policy, and e-discovery needs

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Jan. 16, 2006 -- Permabit Inc. announced the availability of Permabit Dynamic Information Grid™. Permabit Dynamic Information Grid brings together Permabit’s Dynamic Information Services™ software and grid storage technology to deliver scalability and performance efficiency for meeting the long-term compliance, governance, and litigation support needs of organizations while maintaining access to business intelligence.

The combination of grid storage technology with Permabit Dynamic Information Services lends compelling advantages including:

  • A scaleable architecture that grows to meets long-term archive needs

  • An efficient system that increases in efficiency as it grows

  • Node-based design that eliminates the need for major data migration events in the future

  • Automated load balancing

  • Automated de-duplication of information down to the sub-file level for optimal use of storage

  • Nondisruptive replacement of storage nodes

  • Automatic data redistribution and protection in advance of predicted failures

Complete Permabit Dynamic Information Grid solutions from AVNET and Permabit are available from AVNET Applied Computing Systems (ACS). These solutions combine Permabit Dynamic Information Services software with hardware components from Intel and Hitachi, leveraging AVNET ACS world-class integration expertise to create a grid platform which is available, scalable, and allows organizations to migrate to future generation storage technology. The system’s modular design has been optimized for field serviceability to enable the dynamic expansion necessary to meet future information requirements and to provide automated redistribution that eliminates costly migrations.

About Permabit Dynamic Information Services

Permabit Dynamic Information Services enables organizations to retain, retrieve, and secure information addressing long-term compliance, corporate governance, and litigation support needs while maintaining access to the business intelligence. Permabit recently introduced version 3 of its platform. For complete information visit or contact AVNET ACS.

About Permabit

Permabit helps organizations retain, retrieve, and secure information. For more information visit

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