Scentric Announces Enterprise Classification Suites for Data Privacy, e-Discovery, and Compliance

Each Enterprise Suite combines software, installation, training, and first year of maintenance; solutions address classification in large scale enterprises

Alpharetta, Georgia, January 17, 2007 -- Scentric, today announced the availability of Scentric Destiny Enterprise Suites for Data Privacy, e-Discovery, and Compliance. Each suite combines software, services, and maintenance pre-configured to address the specific challenges of these emerging information management issues in large enterprises. Each suite starts at 25 terabytes and includes options for 50, 100, and 150 terabytes.

"Customers have told us their early experience with competitive products have been less than satisfactory primarily because of scale issues in their large environments," said Jeff Hornung, president and CEO of Scentric. "Many of the issues had to do with the need to cluster multiple devices for scale and even then, the clusters topped out at something less than an enterprise configuration. With Scentric's software-only solution, even the largest organization can achieve the scale necessary to manage large data stores with a single policy engine."

With more than 100 million items of personally identifiable information leaked by corporations as well as federal and state governments since February 2005, it’s no surprise that data leakage has become a hot topic in security circles. A recent Gartner study suggested that each record exposed cost $90 in lost revenues and remediation costs, making the financial justification for preventing data leaks clear.

The Destiny Enterprise Suite for Data Privacy includes a scalable classification engine, support for all major file types, and pre-built rule sets aimed at addressing the most common data privacy risks, including automatically identifying Social Security and credit card numbers in unprotected files. The Destiny policy engine can be invoked to automatically delete or protect the identified files.

Destiny Enterprise Suite for e-Discovery

Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) introduced at the end of 2006 represent a fundamental shift in how corporations must deal with electronic discovery. Prior to the changes, e-Discovery was event driven, with companies only worrying about it in response to a discovery request and/or judicial order. Now companies must take steps to protect potential evidence if there is a reasonable chance of legal action being taken. This implies a pro-active approach to finding, collecting, and preserving files and emails on a day-to-day basis.

The Destiny Enterprise Suite for e-Discovery provides an enterprise-wide classification solution for e-mail communications, as well as all major file types, enabling organizations to identify, preserve and package potential evidence using automated policies.

Destiny Enterprise Suite for Compliance

In addition to data privacy issues and the new e-discovery rules, many large enterprises are subject to industry and government regulations that define retention periods for specific types of files and email communications. Investment banks, for instance, are required to keep all communications between brokers and customers for a period of seven years. In addition to strict retention periods, many of these regulations specify that the data be stored in an “immutable” form, meaning the organization needs to be able to prove that these files have not been altered from the original record.

Many compliance-specific archive solutions are available to address the “immutability” requirement. Most take the form of a content addressable storage (CAS) device or CAS software integrated with a standard storage device. The Destiny Enterprise Suite for Compliance includes all of the features of the Data Privacy Suite and the e-Discovery Suite and adds the capability to move and manage data to the most popular CAS solutions, including Hitachi HCAP, Archivas, Permabit, NetApp NearStor, and EMC’s Centera.

The Destiny Enterprise suites are available immediately with prices starting at $80,000 for 25 Terabytes of managed data, inclusive of software, installation, training, and the first year of maintenance.

About Scentric

Scentric is an innovative provider of universal data classification solutions for Information Governance and IT infrastructure optimization. The company’s flagship solution, Scentric Destiny, is the world’s first universal solution for cataloging, classifying, and controlling all types of data regardless of where it is stored in the enterprise and is designed specifically to fill the gap between business users and storage administrators. By using Scentric Destiny, enterprises can significantly mitigate information security and privacy risks resulting from unmanaged data growth, optimize existing infrastructure investments and translate regulatory requirements into established IT processes.

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