Voltage Security Provides Advanced E-mail Security for IBM Lotus Notes

Voltage Secure-mail integrates with Lotus Notes to deliver unprecedented simplicity

Palo Alto, Calif., Jan. 22, 2007 -- Voltage Security Inc. today announced the availability of Voltage Secure-mailâ„¢ for IBM Lotus Notes. Voltage Secure-mail for Lotus Notes enhances secure communication outside corporate walls with advanced features that enable trusted ad-hoc business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) communications.

Lotus Notes is widely recognized as the first e-mail solution to incorporate encryption, with support for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in 1989. Voltage builds upon its tradition of strong security by bringing easy-to-use, easy-to-manage secure e-mail to users. Leveraging the breakthrough technology known as identity-based encryption (IBE), users can now communicate securely with anyone outside their own company.

With the addition of Voltage Secure-mail, enterprises using Lotus Notes can enable new communications channels with customers and business partners that were once blocked by security, online fraud, and identity theft concerns. Voltage Secure-mail enabled solutions include electronic statement delivery, customer service, patient care, and critical global business communications.

Voltage Secure-mail works alongside the native encryption capabilities in Lotus Notes and utilizes IBE, which reduces the complexity and administration of secure e-mail. With Voltage IBE-based e-mail encryption, organizations obtain trusted and secure communications with as little as a 0.1 full-time employee resource for administration. The technical advantages of Voltage IBE include immediate ad-hoc messaging with anyone, anywhere, and secure key management in addition to automatic expiration and regeneration of keys.

What is Voltage Secure-mail?

Voltage Secure-mail is a secure encrypted e-mail solution that makes secure ad-hoc business communication as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging.

Voltage Secure-mail enables users to send secure encrypted e-mail and ad-hoc business communication such as financial statements, patient health information (PHI), and sensitive communication regarding intellectual property or personal account numbers that require encryption under that Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). Using identity-based encryption, Voltage Security solutions provide clear benefits over traditional approaches to security:

  • Lowest operational impact of any secure e-mail solution

  • Centralized administration and reporting

  • Economical extension of Voltage Secure-mail to multiple brands and policies

  • Collaborative, graphics rich environment simplifies customization and branding

  • No new directories or resources required to manage the system; elimination of certificates leads to low system overhead

  • Fully stateless operation

  • Full online and offline usage

  • Highly scalable end-to-end architecture, including efficient key generation, key management, encryption, and enrollment

About Voltage Identity-Based Encryption

Voltage IBE is a public key cryptography system that uses common identities (such as an e-mail address or screen name) as public keys, eliminating the need for certificates, Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL), and other costly infrastructure. Voltage IBE is ideal for use with financial services customers and medical patients who expect communication to be kept private and secure and also want ease-of-use and low-cost. Voltage IBE solutions are:

  • Easy to implement and easy to manage: eliminates the overhead and costs inherent in traditional security solutions such as PKI

  • Highly scalable: no storage of keys or messages, and no need to contact online servers; allows the solution to scale dramatically without the need for additional infrastructure

  • Easy to use: no need for end users to worry about keys, certificates or multiple inboxes

About Voltage Security

Voltage Security, Inc. produces the Voltage Enterprise Privacy Management platform, a foundation for securing IP-based communication and data-at-rest. Voltage Security offers a set of enterprise solutions including the Voltage Key Management Server, Voltage SecureDisk, Voltage Secure-mail, Voltage Secure-mail Gateway, and secure mobile messaging solutions for RIM BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Mobile-based devices. For more information please visit http://www.voltage.com

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