ScienceLogic Combines IT Management with Web 2.0 Technology

Updated solution features RSS feeds for notifications and agentless database monitoring

ScienceLogic today announced the release of Version 4.2 of the EM7 IT management appliance. Version 4.2 adds features with Web 2.0 technology and new tools for agentless multi-platform database management.

EM7 4.2 utilizes Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to users so IT can customize newsfeeds containing event and trouble ticket information, helping avoid the e-mail clutter that slows down communication and remediation. Feeds can be streamed in real-time through RSS readers in a Web browser, an operating system sidebar, or on handheld mobile devices.

“Using RSS feeds for personalized event and ticket notifications is a business-to-business application of what has traditionally been a business-to-consumer Web 2.0 technology,” said David Link, CEO and founder of ScienceLogic, in a statement. “The new RSS functionality customizes delivery of immediately actionable information so technologists can proactively deal with issues before their customers are even aware of them.”

EM7 Dynamic Applications provides customizable monitoring templates for servers, applications, network devices, and other data center hardware and software. The company’s new Database Connector for Dynamic Applications provides an agentless solution for businesses to extend the EM7 monitoring technology to multi-platform databases, including MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP, and MySQL. It can collect table usage, transactions per second, or any stored information, providing administrators with a better understanding of application performance and availability for applications running on these databases.

Link notes that “IT can now partner with business managers to define specific metrics around business applications and transactions. These metrics can be automatically collected by customized Database Dynamic Applications to produce reports for trending, capacity planning, and operational intelligence, and alert and escalate any service-impacting events.”

General availability will begin April 2, 2007. For more information, call 1-800-SCI-LOGIC (1-800-724-5644) or visit

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