TimeData Continuously Protects Microsoft Exchange 2007

Exchange administrators can recover lost, corrupt, or deleted messages; eliminates data protection gaps, scheduling requirements, system slowdowns, backup windows

TimeSpring Software Corp. today announced the release of its TimeData continuous data protection (CDP) software for Microsoft Exchange 2007. The company claims that unlike other backup systems, its software ensures zero data loss by capturing and indexing all Exchange data changes in real time, making it suitable for comprehensive corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and information lifecycle management initiatives. With the program, Exchange administrators can find and recover any e-mail message, e-mail group, or mailbox to any point in time within minutes.

TimeData CDP software includes 64-bit support and tight integration with key Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and NTFS. TimeData for Exchange offers a full audit trail and allows data to be classified and managed in content groups according to company policy. For example, human resource, financial, and manufacturing e-mail groups can use different retention policies.

"Firms facing e-discovery and regulatory pressures require granular e-mail protection and retention with the ability to save, preserve. and retrieve e-mails down to the message level in response to regulatory and litigation audits or as a result of business demand and user error," said Laura DuBois, research director, storage software at IDC. "With e-mail an increasingly critical application, these same firms cannot tolerate e-mail loss as a result of reliance upon traditional backups or snapshots for data protection."

TimeSpring’s TimeData CDP software is file-based and application-intelligent, so it recognizes critical application events (such as transaction commits) as they occur, allowing users to restore applications to full operation faster and more easily than they can with alternative block-based systems.

TimeData for Exchange allows administrators to recover Exchange stores directly from its repository without first creating a recovery store. The program’s search and recovery tool helps administrators eliminate time-consuming and disruptive “brick-level” backup and restore procedures.

“The increased power of 64-bit systems being utilized with Exchange Server 2007 enables server consolidation, cost reduction and application performance improvements,” said Janae Lee, CEO at TimeSpring.

Pricing for TimeSpring’s TimeData for Exchange 2007 starts at $3,995. More information is available at http://www.timespring.net/about.htm

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James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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