ScriptLogic Simplifies Windows Vista Migration

Offers single-point control of virtualized desktop environments, enhancing its desktop management solutions

ScriptLogic® Corporation today released its Desktop Authority® 7.6 and Desktop Authority MSI Studio™ 3.6. The products simplify migration to Windows Vista for IT departments, helping them maintain business operations and reduce post-migration support.

ScriptLogic’s Desktop Authority centralizes desktop configurations and settings for enterprise workstation users in one location, no there is no need for individual desktop customization or logon scripts. IT administrators can “set configuration parameters based on a wide variety of end-user criteria, and those configurations are applied to desktops as desired,” according to the company.

Once IT uses Desktop Authority to add computers running Vista to the domain, all customizations are automatically applied when the user logs on, including a user’s “personal customizations and preferences, network resource connections and other settings,” ScriptLogic says.

Desktop Authority’s configuration tools use the company’s Validation Logic, a patented technology that lets IT customize desktop settings, applications, and security settings based on the user’s role and workstation location, among other factors. Version 7.6 adds: %%User Access Control, which ensures compatibility with legacy applications

  • Vista desktop management to help IT provide a standardized desktop environment

  • Windows Firewall configuration (including Vista’s new outbound firewall)

  • IP v6 for desktop administration

Prior to migration, IT can use Desktop Authority’s reports to view environment data, such as what hardware and software are running on each desktop, which is critical to determining if a desktop is capable of running the new Microsoft operating system.

ScriptLogic also announced enhancements to Desktop Authority MSI Studio which is used to create, edit, and tailor Microsoft installer (MSI) packages for software deployments. MSI Studio version 3.6 works with Windows Vista and Windows Installer versions 3 and 4, taking advantage of new Vista installer features such as restart manager and user account control.

A ScriptLogic white paper, “The Proactive Migration to Windows Vista,” outlines strategies for Vista migration and is available for free download at Virtual Environments Management

Desktop Authority 7.6’s new validation logic enhancements improve control of desktops running in a VMWare-based virtual environment; the logic can apply the appropriate update depending on whether a desktop is running on a physical or a VMWare virtual machine. The update also lets IT administrators apply settings to Windows sessions based on whether the user is running in a physical or a virtual environment. Using a centralized policy across desktops and physical/virtual systems reduced management costs and speeds migrations.

Pricing and Availability

Desktop Authority 7.6 and Desktop Authority MSI Studio 3.6 are available now. Free 30-day evaluations are available at

Desktop Authority is priced per seat; Desktop Authority MSI Studio price varies by the administrator count. Volume discounts are available. Free upgrades are available to existing customers with maintenance agreements.

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