TDWI Radio News: Oco’s Suite Built From Scratch

Oco offers yet another alternative for business intelligence technology.

Business people are great editors, if not the best report writers. So says George O’Conor, chairman and CTO of Oco, Inc. Not unlike any number of niche vendors that populate the business intelligence market-scape, Oco offers a custom-built technology stack geared toward helping organizations leverage their information assets for competitive advantage.

Tune into this TDWI Radio News interview to hear O’Conor offer his thoughts on how his company’s model is unique. You’ll hear:

  • an overview of Oco and its vision
  • how the company competes with the platform vendors
  • what a “community” effect in report generation is all about
  • which angle Oco took in developing its suite
  • what an “intelligent data schema” is

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