Tizor Updates Network Data Auditing, Protection Solution

Mantra V5.protects against insider threats with Enterprise Local Audit Architecture

Tizor Systems today announced Mantra V5.4 with Enterprise Local Audit Architecture for monitoring all local and privileged-user database access.

Mantra's Enterprise Local Audit Architecture lets customer choose between an Enterprise-TAP (E-TAP) agent and Mantra's existing agent-less local audit capabilities, providing customers with the flexibility to handle heterogeneous environments. The update also combines new customized reporting and workflow features.

Local Audit highlights include

  • Mantra’s agent-less local audit does not require agents be installed on servers, providing visibility into encrypted connections to the databases

  • Mantra E-TAP local agent monitors all local activity regardless of the connections used to access the database; E-TAP can monitor local loopback connections, shared memory, and named pipes without changing the database system

Both the agent-less and E-TAP approaches have “no material impact on database performance,” according to Tizor. Both work with Mantra's network-level monitoring “by using a common policy system, and Mantra presents audit information gathered by any of the methods in fully integrated reports and alerts,” the company says.

Mantra V5.4’s reporting allows users to create customized views of any set of data Mantra audits. Users select the data and presentation style; reports can be dynamically generated or scheduled at user-specified times. Report templates shipped with Mantra V5.4 can detail suspicious user activity, privileged user activity (DDL and DML reports), failed logins, and dormant data, among others.

For more information about Tizor, visit http://www.tizor.com

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