Kace Launches AppDeploy Live

Ties to knowledge base for over 60,000 software applications

KACE today launched AppDeploy Live, a new feature of the company’s KBOX family of appliances. It allows seamless access to AppDeploy.com, a global online community of application and computer administrators, which the company also acquired.

KACE integrated AppDeploy’s knowledge base with the company’s KBOX Systems Management appliance users. The resulting systems management knowledge base “catalogues application management information, techniques and best practices for over 60,000 software applications, which will save systems management professionals significant time. KBOX Systems Management Appliance users can access this powerful information directly from their KBOX Management Console,” the company said in a statement. The knowledge base is also available at no charge to the public at http://AppDeploy.com.

AppDeploy Live ties in to the AppDeploy.com community, which claims over 100,000 monthly visitors. The site includes a knowledge base constantly updated by over 16,000 contributing professionals, eliminating, the company says, “the frustrating search for answers through vendor sites, discussion boards, Google, and technical publications.” The knowledge base provides answers and best practice recommendations to complex issues such as application deployment techniques, configuration settings, and file transformations.

More information about KACE is available at http://software.dell.com/kace/ or by calling 1-888-522-3638.

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James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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