Infortrend Upgrades 24-Bay RAID Arrays

EonStor systems boost performance, scalability

RAID storage vendor Infortrend today released two new 24-bay, 4Gigabit Fibre Channel (4G-FC) to SATA-II RAID arrays: the EonStor(r) (ES) A24F-R2430 redundant controller subsystem and ES A24F-G2430 single controller system. These subsystems combine high-capacity SATA drives with a 4G-FC host interface, doubling the bandwidth over the previous 2G-FC interface.

As data storage needs grow, organizations can add terabytes of storage by connecting EonStor S16S-J1000 SAS-to-SAS JBODs to the RAID array's full-duplex SAS wide expansion port. The A24F includes an onboard hub and additional SFP host ports to enable fault-tolerant host link connections, allowing connection of host ports from two different RAID controllers and thus provide failover to minimize data loss from a single RAID controller failure. A Fibre Channel switch need not be added.

According to Nick Liu, vice president of Infortrend Technology Inc., "With an enterprise-class Fibre Channel interface, support for cost-effective/high capacity SATA drives, and easy SAS expansion capabilities, the A24F lets storage managers stay ahead of even the most data-hungry applications."

The A24F-R2430 dual-redundant RAID controller model is suited for ideal when 24/7 availability is required; the G2430 single controller system is better suited for second-tier storage needs. Both can handle applications with “high-speed data transactions, direct-attached storage, FC SANs, clustered servers, disk-to-disk backup, and database and archive applications in industries such as imaging, archiving, online data transactions, and enterprise environments,” according to the company.

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