Corticon’s New Application Modernization Solution Unlocks Legacy Business Logic

Drives understanding of application, increased application agility

Corticon Technologies released its Legacy Application Modernization solution that discovers and extracts business logic embedded in legacy code, converting business logic into business rules.

Legacy applications include everything from decades-old applications written in COBOL and PL/1 to newer code in C, C++, or Java. Their age, lack of documentation, and years of changes make them difficult (if not impossible) to safely maintain and make it difficult to understand the logic within the applications. Organizations need to address (and update) this code to support business-critical changes, reduce maintenance and legacy IT infrastructure costs, and maintain compliance with internal and external regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Corticon says its Legacy Application Modernization solution is “a repeatable, tools-driven process that provides immediate transparency into any legacy code.” It can work with more than 100 languages, reverse-engineering the code to generate a detailed view of the application that includes process maps, flowcharts, data models, and embedded business rules. The data model can then be transformed into Corticon business rules models that can be easily understood, tested and executed.

Corticon says the transparency of the business logic and application’s structure allows greater insight into, and understanding of, legacy code and drives the “modernization decision process to other more cost-effective, maintainable languages and platforms.” It notes that “part of the Corticon mining process is the automatic conversion of existing business rules into Corticon business rule models which can subsequently be used in any modern service oriented architecture. The result is increased transparency, maintainability and faster ROI, serving as the foundation for the modernization of enterprise applications.”

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