Asigra Introduces Virtual Server Backup with 64-bit Native Agentless Data Protection Solution

Growth in server virtualization drives demand for virtual server optimized backup

Asigra Inc. today addressed the growing challenge of protecting virtualized server environments by releasing what it says is “the industry’s only 64-bit powered agentless backup with N+1 grid-based architecture for unlimited scalability.”

Asigra says IDC reports that the number of servers used to run virtual machines will grow, with shipments rising to 1.7 million physical servers to run virtual machines by 2010, three times the rate in 2005. The company notes that this increase is driving user demand for backup solutions that can handle the complexities of backing up a physical server that may be configured with as many as 128 virtual machines.

Commonly used backup and recovery methods to protect virtualized server environments do not offer the same capabilities as for physical server environments unless there are compromises (for example, backing up the entire physical server instead of backing up individual virtual machines). Furthermore, some solutions back up at the VM level using agents for each virtual machine, which can be resource-intensive

Asigra has previously provided agentless backup and recovery to virtual server environments. Now it is offering 64-bit Televaulting to address many of the shortcomings in the backup and recovery methods used to protect virtualized server environments. Features include:

  • Agentless backup is optimized for virtualized server environments, enabling users to restore individual VMs in a virtualized server set without restoring the entire server set when one server loses data or its data is corrupted.

  • A pricing model based on the amount of data to be protected rather than the number of servers protected.

  • Any-to-any restore capability (P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P) allows users to back up server data from one vendor and restore the data to another vendor’s hardware, a valuable feature in mixed computing enterprises. IT can back up physical servers and restore the data to virtual servers for recovery purposes; when the physical server is repaired, the virtual server can be restored.

  • Live VM backup lets administrators back up VMs during production operations without disrupting production windows.

  • Fast, simple implementation and management, including centralized management of VM backup and recovery .All restore tasks can be managed from a single user interface.

  • Compliance-ready VM backup offers policy-based management, encryption, and recovery features for compliance with corporate and government policies and regulations.

  • Bare-metal recovery and backup of data and enterprise applications including Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle at the VM level.

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