Updated SAN/iQ Improves SAN Optimization, Multi-site Disaster Recovery

Version 2.0 increases storage usage, reduces downtime

LeftHand Networks today released SAN/iQ 7, an updated version of its storage software platform that helps customers reduce SAN implementation and management costs. SAN/iQ 7 includes improved “thin provisioning to increase storage usage and self-healing SANs to proactively correct storage errors,” according to a company statement.

A pair of value-added solution packs expands customization options based on specific data center needs. The SAN/iQ Windows Solution Pack increases performance and compatibility for Microsoft Windows Server environments; the SAN/iQ Multi-Site HA/DR solution pack improves security, management, and data protection for disaster recovery and business continuity.

"As made evident by recent market reports, iSCSI has grown to be an undeniable force in the storage market, and IP SANs are no longer second-class citizens," according to Roger Cox, senior analyst at Gartner Dataquest, quoted in a LeftHand Networks release. "In order for this growth to continue, particularly in the enterprise space, it is necessary for iSCSI providers to continue offering new features that enable large volumes of data to be managed simply while remaining secure."

LeftHand says its SAN/iQ storage software platform simplifies storage provisioning, management, and data availability. The release includes upgraded thin-provisioning capabilities and “multi-site and geographic site-awareness features.”

Among the new features in the release:

  • Thin provisioning 2.0 increases utilization efficiency up to two times that of version 1.0 implementations, cutting storage acquisition costs while reducing the administrative overhead associated with thin provisioning 1.0. Featured in SAN/iQ software for six years, thin provisioning 2.0 is now automated and integrates with features such as volumes, snapshots, and remote copy. Volumes can be "shrink wrapped" from fully to thinly provisioned without down time.

  • Proactive Self-Healing SAN reduces the risk of corrupted or lost data from drive failure, increasing data reliability and reducing application down time by correcting disk errors and continually optimizing volume access performance as volumes grow. SAN/iQ Multi-Site HA/DR Solution Pack

SAN/iQ-powered platforms include the HP ProLiant DL320s, HP ProLiant DL380, IBM x3650 and LeftHand NSM 160. For further information, contact info@lefthandnetworks.com.

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