DataDirect Rolls Out Enterprise MySQL Drivers

New driver products facilitate enterprise database deployment and application development

Datadirect Technologies' latest database drivers now support MySQL Enterprise Server, according to an announcement issued by the company. MySQL Enterprise Server is a commercial database product. There's also a free open source MySQL cousin that is widely deployed.

DataDirect's new drivers support interactions among all major databases and ensure compatibility across different database application programming interfaces (APIs), such as ODBC and JDBC. By enhancing interoperability, the new drivers simplify deployments for IT administrators, especially across distributed environments.

"MySQL is the first open source database to achieve prominence as a viable option for application developers and as such, we are committed to providing users with reliable, high-performance drivers," stated John Goodman, DataDirect's vice president of product operations, in the announcement. "Independent software vendors and corporate IT departments using MySQL will now have the opportunity to get the same best-in-class data access that commercial database users have enjoyed for nearly 20 years."

The company offers three solutions for MySQL Enterprise Server:

  • DataDirect Connect for 32-bit ODBC access;
  • DataDirect Connect64 for 64-bit ODBC access; and
  • DataDirect Connect for JDBC access.

IT personnel can use the product's performance wizards to expedite the development and deployment of database applications. Moreover, DataDirect's drivers comply with all MySQL database features without using proprietary code extensions.

DataDirect Connect for ODBC has been tested with Perl and PHP-based front ends. DataDirect for JDBC can use the Apache Tomcat JSP engine.

In addition to providing MySQL support, DataDirect provides a certified Hibernate driver for object-relational mapping. The company offers JBoss-certified JBDC drivers, as well as comprehensive Linux support.

-- Will Kraft

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