Agito Debuts with RoamAnywhere Mobile Convergence Platform

New product uses "location-aware technologies" to help companies turn their voice and data applications mobile

New enterprise mobility company Agito Networks capped off its launch by introducing its RoamAnywhere Mobility Router, a carrier-agnostic mobile convergence platform that uses radio frequencies and "location-aware technologies" to help companies make their data and voice applications mobile.

Calling it the "industry's first and only" such solution, Agito says the RoamAnywhere Mobility Router can reduce a company's cellular costs by as much as 60 percent by keeping in-building calls on the WiFi. This eliminates the need for "carrier specific equipment to address poor cellular coverage," the company said in a press release.

The product also lets users "unify" their desktop phones with their cell phones by integrating with enterprise PBXes. Users would then be able to access their usual PBX tools, including extension dialing and corporate directories, through their cell phones.

Additionally, the RoamAnywhere Mobility Router would allow companies to make their policies "truly mobile." The product's location-aware policy engine applies policies "dynamically," depending on where users are located. This means, for one, that mobile users would no longer have to switch their profiles manually.

According to a statement from Pejman Roshan, Agito's co-founder and VP of marketing, the RoamAnywhere Mobility Router is "the next evolution of the rising product category of enterprise mobility products. Our technology advancements enable enterprises to mobilize their workforce with confidence, and do it cost-effectively."

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