Updated Symantec Database Security Reduces Data Loss, Improves Compliance

Enterprises can better track, trace, and mitigate malicious activity

Symantec has released Symantec Database Security 3.0. The new version adds features so enterprises can prevent the loss of sensitive information or intellectual property stored in databases; it also helps in complying with the growing number of data protection regulations.

New in version 3.0 is a new Intruder Identification component, built-in heuristic learning capabilities and real-time, transaction policy alerts.

Symantec Database Security 3.0 monitors and audits all network SQL activity between end users and databases, and helps implement policies, measure, and report on databases to ensure that sensitive and confidential information is safely distributed.

Among the enhancements and new features in this version:

  • New heuristic learning capabilities help reduce cost and complexity by automatically recommending SQL behavior patterns that align with internal IT policies

  • The Intruder Identification component allows users to trace malicious or suspicious activity back to its source of the activity, remediate the situation, and prevent it from recurring by matching a user’s credentials or IP address with the information captured on the original backend database transaction

  • New transaction policy functionality lets database administrators monitor and correlate inbound and outbound database traffic with real-time alerts

  • Enhanced, built-in compliance report templates

  • A new user interface to improve usability

  • Performance improvements to increase transaction speed

Symantec Database Security 3.0 supports Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL, among others, and integrates with hardware device management tools such as Dell OpenManage, Hewlett Packard OpenView, and Symantec Security Information Manager. The product is available now. Further information is available at http://www.symantec.com.

About the Author

James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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