Reldata Introduces 10GbE 9240 Storage Appliance

Price/performance, scalability, and manageability superior to Fibre Channel SAN

Reldata has released its 10GbE 9240 Unified Storage Gateway appliance, providing an alternative to Fibre Channel storage area networks (FC SANs).

The appliance avoids the high cost, complexity, scalability, and oppressive licensing requirements of conventional FC SAN implementations, according to the company. The 10GbE 9240 Gateway combines simplified installation, management, and data migration features with a highly-scalable architecture specifically designed to maximize modular improvements in capacity, processing, and bandwidth.

“Many enterprises are looking to deploy an iSCSI SAN to eliminate the pain of rapid storage growth, but required 10GbE connectivity to service their data center applications,” said Kirill Malkin, Reldata’s CTO, in a statement. The noted that 10GbE connectivity allows the company “to take full advantage of the high-performance design elements of the Reldata architecture such as our iSCSI stack, enabling users to scale up their IOPS performance without the typical forklift upgrade required by traditional SAN vendors. When customers purchase the 10GbE 9240, they receive enterprise-class 10GbE IP SAN, 10GbE NAS, and, 10GbE WAN replication.”

Reldata says that thanks to the 10GbE functionality in the 9240, the appliance has a speed advantage over competitive products constrained by speed limitations of 1GbE-oriented technology. In addition, IT managers can continue operating seamlessly within their existing Ethernet infrastructures. Virtualizion of enterprise storage into a single unified shared storage pool helps IT reduce costs by eliminating the need for costly Fibre Channel infrastructure and storage, as well as gaining ongoing cost savings by leveraging IT’s knowledge of Ethernet technology.

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