Virtual Bridges Updates Win4 Pro Desktop Products

Windows coexistence is the key to Linux, Solaris competitiveness

Virtual Bridges released a major upgrade to its Win4 family of desktop products.

Whether using Linux, Solaris, or BSD, users need to integrate Windows applications with their desktop operating system. “Virtualization in general offers a lot of potential, but Win4Lin specifically delivers it. With the master Win4Lin image it's easy to build a Windows Win4Lin desktop that is impervious to virus and malware,” said Jon Watson, President KPG Media Corp.

“It's easy to back up entire Windows installations, which previously would have required expensive applications and a high degree of technical skill. It's even easy to run Windows apps floating on a Linux/BSD/Solaris desktop.”

The company’s Virtual Bridges Win4 virtualization products help businesses extend their open-source desktops without incurring additional hardware costs. The company offers three desktop products: Win4Lin Pro Desktop allows users to run Windows applications on the major Linux Distributions, Win4Solaris does the same for Sun Solaris, and Win4BSD supports users of FreeBSD and PCBSD.

Highlights of Win4 4.5 Desktop include:

  • Support for multimedia-rich LTSP setups, including remote audio playback and recording to/from the terminals (Win4Lin only)

  • Full bridged networking functionality and options

  • Support for newer Linux host kernels (2.6.22 and up) (Win4Lin only)

  • New full-screen Windows session option from Linux login screen (Win4Lin only)

  • Improved, dynamic single-application launch capabilities

  • Automatic, seamless default color printing, and improve printing performance

  • Improved mouse operations

The company says users can run Windows applications on Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD/PCBSD Desktop at near-native speeds and use either full desktop mode or "floating" application mode. Users can cut and paste between Windows and their desktop, and full integration between the open-source desktop and Windows file systems (for user documents and settings) is supported. Users can use their existing Windows licenses to keep costs down.

Win4Lin Pro Desktop 4.5 and Win4Solaris Pro 4.5 are available now; Win4BSD Pro Desktop will be available later this year.

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