AmeriVault’s RestartIT-VDR Enables Virtualized Disaster Recovery

Emulates customer servers in a virtual environment

Storage virtualization delivers on the promise to decrease total cost of ownership (TCO), and increase scalability and availability. To help enterprises keep their virtualization environments protected in the case of a problem, AmeriVault has announced RestartIT-VDR, a disaster recovery service that speeds recovery time while eliminating costs and delays associated with space and hardware sourcing.

RestartIT-VDR and the continuity version, RestartIT-HA, allow small and mid-size enterprises to remotely recover mission-critical business systems quickly and cost-effectively in the event of a disaster or outage.

RestartIT-VDR maintains an image of a client’s server hard drive in AmeriVault’s virtual server environment. Should an outage occur, the client remotely initiates data recovery from the data vault to the newly created virtual machine. While this occurs, end users are re-routed so they can access their applications. “AmeriVault’s RestartIT-VDR is a natural outgrowth of online backup,” said Jerome Wendt, lead analyst and president, DCIG, Inc., in a statement. “Used in conjunction with virtual servers, RestartIT-VDR provides businesses an affordable and practical option to immediately recover their application servers without the expense, risk and wait of creating one’s own offsite DR site.” More information about RestartIT-VDR and RestartIT-HA can be found at

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